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Prophecy repeats

Updated on October 17, 2013

Prophecy do they repeat

I was reading the prophecy of Ezekiel concerning the nation of Israel found in the Christian Holy book called the Bible and was very surprised. It was as if my eyes became open to the possible reasons for the atrocities', mayhem and disasters, taking place in the world. I think the saying "so it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end" This is so true to the point that it inspired me to write this article.

I believe like many others individuals that the world was created by a supreme being that is called by many names by people of many different cultures but they all mean God. There are nations who refuse to believe in this Supreme Being and worship other gods. However I do believe man was made to praise and worship the supreme God and was created for his glory.

The worst thing that humanity can do, have done and is still doing is to worship other beings other than the supreme God. He abhors the worshiping of idols, and others of his created beings. For this we have seen his wrath in the warning through his prophets, Ezekiel was one of them .Although sent to the Children of Israel I do believe they are relevant to all people of all nations and is still applicable to day.

Reading from the prophecy of Ezekiel, chapter 7. One has to conclude that no sin goes unpunished. One would ask what is sin I say sin is the transgression of God's Laws. If nations do not do what God requires then Ezekiel says there is a day of disaster coming, violence will flourish, pride high, violence producing more wickedness, nothing of people will remain, not their wealth, splendor, or glory. He says a time is coming when selling and buying will have no meaning, no merchant will live long enough to make back what was lost . There will be fighting in the streets ,sickness and hunger will evident, individuals living out of their country will die in the fighting and anyone left in the city will fall victim of sickness and hunger. Some like doves will escape to the mountains because they are frightened of the valleys but all will suffer.

I dare to ask this question is there anyway ancient day Israel could have escape the prophecy? Ezekiel went on to say. People will be so afraid that they will get weak. Many will wear sackcloth and have a form of repentance to the point that they will throw away their silver .gold and precious jewelry in the streets and I would add to churches and other charitable organizations, because they will come to the realization that these were what led them into sinful wickedness.

God says doing all these will not change the calamities he has pronounced. Since everything is full of so much confusion, violence and murders, there will be no peace; there will be disaster after disaster, bad news after bad news. For those who will be seeking answers from pastors and priest the prophecy states they will have nothing to say, foreigner will rob churches and profane and defile them but He will not stop them.

So why is God allowing all this? In Ezekiel chapter 7 this prophecy says, God said. I will judge and plunder the nations because the people have turn away from me and have served other Gods to the point of worshiping idols. I will show them that I Am the Lord. The prophet warned ancient Israel and said the Lord God said "This is the end for the whole land".

He continued by saying "You will feel my anger because I am judging you for what you have done". I will pay you back for all the degusting conducts. I will not spare you or show you mercy. I am going to punish you for all the degusting things you have done so that you will know that I AM THE LORD.

Recently I met a Jamaican author who has written and self published four or five wonderful books. Two of them I liked very much they are geared to helping young people function efficiently in the world of work. They covered topics such as. good manners, good grooming , how to use all table appoints, good social etiquette, how to write resumes and application letters when applying for jobs. In thwse books she has some affirmation which has the word God included in them,affirmations such as, "God has given you the ability to achieve all you can", We need people who will work hard and trust in God,"Trust God and believe you can achieve."

Grand Palladium Hanover Jamaica
Grand Palladium Hanover Jamaica

The author said that sometime ago somewhere about 2002-2003 she visited the U.S.A. trying to promote these books in high schools and colleges. A number of institutions saw the books and confirmed they are very good books. They had only one concern, the books had in the word "God", and asked if she could remove it from the text. She refused and lost thousands of dollars in sales.

However that same year her books were requested by a number of Caribbean countries and she filled so many orders surpassing the order she has lost in the U.S.A.I specifically want to mention this book in particular "Preparing For Exams and Beyond" a book every high school student should have .If one follow it s/he will pass all examinations, a land a job of his or her choice.

I choose to include the above paragraphs because a nation that was founded on God now chooses to eliminate the word God from its schools, and then seek to ask for his blessing. Why is it that there are so many problems with its economy and its relationship with the world? Has it gotten so powerful that its young ones no longer need God Schools are sometime the only place children hear about God .

I think Ezekiel has the answer, Isaiah also gives the answer for repairing this terible breech. He said if the people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, then will I hear from heaven and heal their land. For I The Lord Has Spoken.

Author:( Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray

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    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 8 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Hi paperback, I knew I was going to stir up something here. I am glad you thought the hub was good. As you say every different religion has its own prophet, His own God Figure and so I write about what I believe. You write about what you believe but we are still worshiping.You may have your holy book and believe it I believe mine. I am going to pass by your hubs as early as possible

    • packerpack profile image

      Om Prakash Singh 8 years ago from India, Calcutta

      First of all let me give you a thumbs up for putting your thoughts and opinion in a Hub and I really enjoyed reading it. having said that would also like to say that I there are few things that I completely disagree with you. Sorry that I may sound harsh but as you have put forward your points so can I but I don't know how will you take it as.

      It is nothing personal or anything but as I was going through your Hub, there occurred few things that I just thought to point out. Look there is a religion that you follow and so you believe in its teachings. Same is the case with others, one religion will ask people to worship him like this while other will say to worship like that. Why do we forget the main point, after all we are all worshiping. Let us live our life and let the others do the same. The moment we start forcing our belief on others, the problems start and that is what is happening now a days everywhere. Why hate and fight just for the way in which God is being worshiped. Just like I think my belief is correct so is the case with others. Let us all respect each other and live peacefully.

      There were lot of thing that I want to share with everyone about what I think about all these; religion and god. And so I have written a Hub. Just go through my two latest hubs "God religion and me : religion for me" and "God religion and me : god for me". Those are my thinking. Go through it and let me know if I am wrong anywhere.

      I would like to mention again that this is a good Hub to read even though I differ in my opinion presented here.

    • Cathy profile image

      Cathy 8 years ago from Oregon, USA

      This is powerful writing Juliet and I completely agree with your thoughts on these changing times and how they are influenced by humanity's replacement of a creator with other idols, which I believe are money, prestige or pride and self-righteousness. Too much 'my God - Your God'. You inspire me to write more powerfully. Thanks for another insightful Hub!