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Protocols for 2012 Part 1

Updated on April 3, 2021

I don’t know about you, but this last year or so I’ve been constantly coming across new words or terms, or old ones being used in a new way. I’m finding them in mainstream publications, not just in some fantasy or science fiction novel, although many of them would be right at home there. A few haven’t been in my awareness for a very long time, and some I’ve never heard before, but they all seem to have something to do with our heading ever closer to the end of 2012. In this article, I thought I’d put together a list of them with their meanings, and in some cases, purposes, as I understand them. Beware! There are many more than what I have below and I’m sure there will be still more as we get closer to 2012 J! I will say it again…this is my understanding, so take what resonates with you and leave the rest. My understanding seems to be going through its own evolution, too. Eventually, the truth will be revealed to all of us as we become more adept at searching for it within.


In the Christian faith, Ascension is used to describe the process in which, they claim, Jesus ascended into heaven with His physical body 40 days after His resurrection on Easter morning, when it is believed he arose from the dead. In terms of our immediate future, Ascension is used to describe the process in which humanity has the opportunity to ascend from the 3rd dimension to the 4th and 5th dimensions. Some predictions place this event during the March 2013 equinox, although some people have already, or are claiming to have, ascended. Since Mother Earth, Gaia, is currently preparing for her Ascension, humanity is being given the opportunity to ascend with her. Souls not choosing to ascend will continue their soul journey on another planet in another galaxy that can support the density of the 3rd dimension, as the physical bodies of those souls will be unable to survive in the energies on the New Earth after the December 2012 solstice. However, these souls will be given the opportunity to ascend at a later time in their soul journey. In the grander scheme, at the same time that this is happening on Earth, Beings in the entire cosmos are preparing for their own Ascension. Ascension also describes the process of moving up what I call the “dimensional ladder”, from your current state of being all the way back to the Prime Creator, All There Is. According to something I read recently - sorry can’t remember where - it has been calculated that there are 300 some odd dimensions in total from our current dimension to All There Is, although many articles on the Internet only talk about 7 or 10 or 11 or 12 etc. dimensions. In either case, there are spiritual requirements that must be met in order for a soul to arise to the next dimension. For humanity, as communicated through some channels, there are 3 steps that must be undertaken by anyone choosing Ascension with their physical body intact: (1) acknowledge their Creator, (2) clear all their negative karmic past, and (3) rejuvenate their physical body.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are beings that have become masters not only of their selves, but also specific spiritual disciplines, during their incarnations on Earth. In order to ascend, they had to have raised their vibration and been able to sustain a certain frequency of light, which is the foundation of existence in the 5th dimension. These beings are serving humanity now in our Ascension process, however these Ascended Masters have retained only their Lightbodies, not their physical bodies. Humanity’s Ascension in March 2013 will be the very first time, in forever, that any physical being has been allowed to ascend with their physical body. The disciplines mastered by the Ascended Masters include realizing their own godhood and self-empowerment, surrendering completely to the Divine Will of God, living from their heart center, healing and purification of all the drama and karma in their lives, and serving humanity with true brotherhood. Only a few examples of the many Ascended Masters are: St. Germain, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Jeshua (Jesus), Sanat Kumara, El Morya, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Djwhal Khul, Kuthumi and Quan Yin. It only takes a request from your heart to have any Ascended Master come to your assistance in your quest for your own mastery.

5th Dimension

If you are interested in a scientific or mathematical definition of 5th dimension, you won’t find it here. If you do your own research, you will need to remember that many definitions are more than likely just theoretical, as humanity has yet to reach the level of understanding needed to explain it fully. The 5th dimension, from an esoteric perspective, is a spiritual realm of ether and is ruled by love and creativity. It vibrates at a higher frequency than the 3rd dimension, is stable and balanced, and the duality of separateness and conflict cannot exist there. It is in the 5th dimension that we will fully realize our abilities to create, to communicate with beings of any realm and to traverse from place to place at will.


Alchemy is a speculative science that is concerned with the transformation of common substances, usually of very little value, into ones of great worth. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, converting cheap metals into gold and finding the elixir of life were typical pursuits. In modern times, spiritual alchemy is about re-creating or transmuting our baser selves into higher beings in possession of true love, true power and great wisdom.


These days there are many misunderstandings about the nature of Karma, as put forth by various Eastern religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. As we raise our consciousness to higher vibrations, our perception of Karma is also evolving. Karma is not punishment or retribution for acts you have committed or thoughts you had. It is not something that unavoidably befalls you nor is it a predetermined consequence out of your control. It is not about you getting what you deserve, and it is definitely not about your sins or a debt that you just can’t seem to pay completely off. When Earth was originally populated with human beings, it was intended that Karma would be cleared during each lifetime. Human beings would journey to healing temples every 5 years or so for the purpose of clearing negativity from their energy bodies, thus preventing illness and aging from manifesting. After the Fall of Atlantis, the nature of humanity’s existence changed and Karma began to be carried over from incarnation to incarnation on Earth. Karma is the effect of a feeling, such as fear, self-doubt and self-criticism, that has not been cleared/resolved before leaving an Earthly incarnation. When Karma has been carried over for many lifetimes, negative patterns develop, leading to dis-ease, disease and aging. Not all disease, however, is due to un-cleared Karma. It can also be a warding off of a far greater torment or a means of communication between God and man about man’s lifestyle and attitudes that need attention and possible change.

Karmic Clearing

Karmic Clearing is a command that, when spoken in your presence, immediately removes all un-cleared Karma from all your past lifetimes on Earth. The healer speaking the command must be one that has been specially chosen to work with the command prior to incarnating in this lifetime and has since been brought into alignment with the energies of the command. After receiving a Karmic Clearing, there may be some work the cleared individual needs to do to encourage their body to release the negative dis-ease patterns, although it is possible for instant healing to occur - it is a matter of belief and the life plan of the individual.


Rejuvenation of our physical body is the 3rd step required prior to the Ascension in March 2013. When our body is rejuvenated, the aging process will be reversed and our body will be restored to the original planned perfection of the age – most likely between 25-35 years – our soul chose when planning this incarnation on Earth. Not only will our physical bodies be young again, perfection will be restored in all ways. Birth defects will be erased. Surgical procedures will be eradicated. Disfigurements, such as tattoos and earring holes, will disappear. Limbs will be rebuilt. Cavities will dissolve and teeth will grow back. Etc.

Infinity and Sacred Grail Codes

The Infinity and Sacred Grail Codes are unique codes within our Lightbodies and DNA that control, respectively, our awareness of the Infinity of Time and Space, and our awareness of our potential as Human Angels. In the year 2007, the Infinity Codes were activated. According to Archangel Michael, as channeled to Celia Fenn, the Infinity Codes activation “enabled Humans to fully ignite the Galactic Lightbody and to once more claim their Galactic heritage, as was part of the original plan for Humanity.” And then in the year 2008, we have been empowered to re-activate our Sacred Grail Codes (we are the Holy Grail) that, again according to Archangel Michael, “re-energize that part of the Template of Human Divine Perfection that gives you the ability to attain to full Cosmic Consciousness”. These are a couple of the numerous steps that have taken place, with the help of Beings in the higher realms, to the lay the groundwork necessary for Mother Earth and humanity to ascend in March 2013.

Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness is a state of mind that we, as individuals, seek to attain on our spiritual journey to Oneness with God. It is when we fully realize we are Christed or Divine Beings. When we have restored our Christhood, which is our birthright as spiritual beings, we will also remember the fullness of our Divine natures and our Divine Mission during the current lifetime. When Jeshua (Jesus) incarnated on Earth over 2000 years ago, He came to teach us by example to “go within”. Within is where we will find our Divine truth, which opens the way for us to take our rightful place as a Christed Being.

Adam Kadmon Body

Adam Kadmon is an ancient term meaning “universal man” and is considered the template for human beings. J.J. Hurtak wrote in his book, The Keys of Enoch, that the Adam Kadmon body is the perfect body of man and the first creation of human in that form. It is also humanity’s Lightbody. At the Fall of Atlantis, the Adam Kadmon body was separated into 12 levels of dimension, with Earth being one of the dimensions. Although there is some disagreement of what will occur in preparation for Ascension, it is believed by some that humanity’s physical bodies will be transformed during the process of rejuvenation, including beginning the process of reuniting all levels of the Adam Kadmon form and the reactivation of all 2000 strands of humanity’s DNA. Some of this DNA is located in the etheric body, thus scientists are, at this time, unaware of any DNA beyond what they call “junk DNA”.


A Lightworker is any being dedicated to cultivating their own inner presence and elevating their awareness of their own divineness and the divineness of others. A Lightworker shines love, happiness, tranquility, faith, hope, inspiration and peace into their inner and outer world. They work to release all false thought forms, masks and illusions, and to awaken to their own truth and oneness with all creation. This is done in the service of all beings, including the self. Any being, anywhere and anytime, can be a Lightworker, who is committed to learning from every situation and aspires to not get caught up in the turmoil of life around them.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of all Creation and the precise organization of energy patterns that conform to one or more geometric shapes. It is through Sacred Geometry that we can explore and understand the inherent proportion, balance and harmony that exist in absolutely everything in the physical and the etheric worlds. Within the confines of Universal Laws, Sacred Geometry allows us physically and spiritually to survive, move, create, etc.

I AM Presence

The I Am Presence is you in complete Holy Communion with God, your Christ consciousness and you as a holy child of God. It is you, the Master, constantly aligned with Source. It is your Divine Self, the you that has been through everything you have been through and knows the truth of your heart. Your I AM Presence is your Source of Divine Light, Divine Wisdom, Divine Truth and Divine Love. Your I AM Presence loves you unconditionally. Sometimes it is referred to as your Higher Self.

Etheric Body

Your Etheric Body is your energy body and it is what gives your physical body form, vitality, health and life. It is connected to the physical body through energy centers, or Chakras. It is in the Etheric Body that Karma from past lifetimes is stored, and where it needs to be cleared from, and in which some dis-ease manifests into the physical body. It is composed of two auric layers and concurrently exists in 3 dimensions.

Twin Flame

In order to give this definition justice, I need to go back to what is believed to have happened at the beginning of creation. All There Is had a desire to experience life in various realms and dimensions, however was too vast. Thus All There Is had to create particles, or aspects, from Him/Herself (Father/Mother God). After creating first the Seraphim Angels, then the Cherubim Angels, the Monad souls were brought into being. Monads were still too vast to step down to the lower vibrations, so they were again divided into smaller soul particles. These smaller soul particles are known as soul mates, as they come from the same soul family. Our soul mates have similar frequencies to us and are the ones we have had many lifetimes and experiences with in various kinds of relationships. They have helped us to grow and evolve, create and dissipate karma, and vice versa. It was these souls that were able to experience life in the lower dimensions and, like their higher aspects, still contained both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine attributes in perfect balance. Eventually, these souls were further divided into the Yin and the Yang, creating twins or Twin Flames. It is rare for Twin Flames to meet on the Earth plane, although it has been done, because each individual twin soul has to have reached a certain point in their spiritual evolution in order to withstand the intensity of the reunion. It is expected, though, that many of us will be reunited with our Twin Flame in the near future.

Akashic Records

Akashic Records are a universal filing system, compiled and supervised by the Cherubim Angels, and contains the energetic imprints of each individual soul. They are vibrational records of every thought, word and action from every lifetime experience. Accessing the Records can impart much useful insight, guidance, wisdom and healing information from the past, present and future. It is said that anyone can learn to read their own Records, however only Cherubim Angels are able to read the Records of other souls.

To be continued...


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