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Psychic Intuition

Updated on February 26, 2014

Many people know about psychic ability, or have some idea of what it is and what it does. For some, it's the ability to tell the future or talk to the dead. Some psychics can channel their energies to guide people through past life regression, and others help with things such as healing. But what about those who possess intuition?

Intuition is that feeling that comes when that you know something is happening, or is going to happen, despite the reality that all the facts of the situation are not there. You may have an intuition that someone is not telling you the truth or that you are going to receive a letter in the mail from someone you haven’t heard from in a very long time. This can often seem like you are picking up clues about an event or situation from out of thin air. The feeling can be deeply moving and important or can be fleeting and even funny.

Many people think these experiences of intuition are merely coincidences, that the fact you had a feeling a letter would arrive was just a lucky guess. Or, some people may explain intuition as your ability to pick up subtle signals from the people around you. For instance, you may think it is intuition when you realize someone is not telling you the truth but actually you are picking up on that person’s guilty body language. However, there are times when luck or being observant just cannot explain your knowledge away. In these instances, you are likely to believe you have had a psychic experience. And in fact, most people do have some degree of psychic intuition. What’s more, this ability to experience psychic intuition can be enhanced.

Develop your Psychic Intuition.
Develop your Psychic Intuition.

Enhancing Your Psychic Intuition

For many people, psychic intuition comes naturally. These people feel as if they were born with the gift of knowing secrets, of knowing another person’s mind, or even of foretelling the future. But even if you are one of these folks who seems to have the gift of psychic intuition, you can still strengthen this ability through a few easy exercises. And even those whose psychic experiences are rare can begin to develop this extraordinary gift.

Because psychic intuition works at a level below our conscious thoughts, it is an ability that is very sensitive to our belief in its powers. In other words, we can strengthen our psychic ability simply by believing in it to a greater degree. For instance, say that you are sitting at home paying bills or watching television and you get the feeling that your mother is going to call, and then, like clockwork, the phone rings. The key thing in a situation like this is to believe that you somehow picked up on your mother’s intentions to call you, that you were able to psychically intuit your mother’s thoughts. This belief will make you more in tune with your psychic abilities in the future.

And really, is this any different than developing any other ability? Belief in your skills is absolutely important to getting better at them. Any coach will tell you that it isn’t until a basketball player begins to believe in his or her ability to make baskets that that player becomes a high scorer. Belief, whether in sports or psychic intuition, must come first.

Having a little faith then is the first step to developing your psychic powers. The second step towards greater psychic intuition is to focus your mind on reaching out towards the unseen signals that give us information and knowledge about hidden or future events. Because these kinds of thoughts come most easily to us when our minds are free of clutter and are relaxed, meditation is a great way to increase your psychic intuition. Spending just a few minutes a day relaxing your body and emptying your mind of the day’s thoughts and worries will go a long way in preparing yourself for intuitive thoughts. Try focusing on your breathing for 10 minutes, letting your mind become absorbed by the intake and outtake of breath. This stills the brain and opens it up to the very subtle signals in the world around us.

What is Psychic Intuition?

As you work to develop your ability to intuit things psychically, you will naturally begin to wonder what the source of this gift is. And although people have been wondering about this for many centuries and even arguing over it, the answer seems to be right there before us if we only look. As the Eastern mystics have been telling us for ages, everything in our world is connected. Each person we meet, each animal and flower we see, even each stone in the ocean or lamp post on the street is connected to the other. We are all one continuous vibration of energy and power.

This is such a well known theory, that many martial arts and healing techniques function off this idea to promote healing. Tuning forks have been used to stimulate healing. People go to have their chakras aligned for good health. Methods like the Yuen Method have been developed that help people to discharge their negative energy and begin to heal. Tai Chi, a popular form of martial arts, is about raising, moving, and grounding energy in order to stay healthy and in top form. Psychic energy and intuition flourishes in our everyday lives by people who use it to get them through the day. It's all about connectivity; energy; vibration.

What this means is that the ability of psychic intuition is simply the ability to listen in on this continuous vibration. In other words, if you and I are already connected, part of the same human energy, is it any wonder we can know how the other thinks and feels? As part of the same cosmic connection, all that is required is to open the heart and the mind to reveal the secrets of psychic intuition.

Do you believe in psychic intuition?

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    • dollmaker profile image


      8 years ago

      Great hub, well written and easy to understand

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Excellent hub, Sehnonimo! I agree with all of your points. Hopefully, more an more people will try to work with their intuitions. :)


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