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Revelation Chapter Twelve

Updated on May 8, 2019
The0NatureBoy profile image

With no college, theology or school other than high, Elijah's life experiences objectively observed, reasoned & comprehended educated him.


Since the Bible’s reading reveals a cycle like days, seasons and years as a sign of man’s earthly plight to understand it requires a new birth, a transformation called metamorphosis sense spiritual things have physical representations. The Bible’s interpretation can only be received by the spiritual understanding of the terms that people without it will consider it another tongue, therefore included are some spiritual meanings to assist you in understanding my writings. Also, interpreting scripture require revealing things that may not be politically correct for public disclosure and note, I use the KJV Bible.

Boy = the adult sperm producer of any post-pubersent animated specie.

Carnal = things done based on the judgmental thinking of most people.

Child = a prepubescent off spring of man.

Death = a mind unable to comprehend because of using judgmental adjectives.

Discarnate = a body without a life-force.

Dominion = to exceed the ability of ...

Earth = the conglomeration of living entities that consumes each other to maintain their specie, including man, who lives ecologically.

Girl = the child bearing gender of any man who has entered puberty.

Incarnation = an entity with a life-force, any physical manifestation.

Man = name of our specie, defined minds able to comprehend all things.

Man-Child = a newly morphed human or woman into dominion powers.

Metamorphosis = a rebirth of the first form of a specie into a similar being living a completely different way of life; born again.

Mystery = something un-comprehended yet open to view.

Wild = anything man cultivate or domesticate.

Human = hued from man; minds unable to comprehend all things.

Woman = woven from man; minds unable to comprehend all things.

Genesis 2 & 3

On day six many man of both genders were made to replenish the earth with an ability to exceed all life and earth. The seventh day was for rest before the announcing a heaven and earth without rainfall or plants although plants were made on the third day. Then a single man was formed from earth’s dust and placed in a later planted garden with trees for food. They included a tree of life and tree of the knowledge of good and evil with the suggestion man should not eat from the knowledge of good and evil for it would cause death the day of eating from it.

Next birds and animals were formed from the earth for Adam’s naming although birds were produced on day five and animals on day six. While naming them Adam witnessed their group living and reproducing that produced those desires in him so an accommodating help meet was made by an operation preformed without telling the man who enters a deep sleep and awoke to another’s presence believing it came out of him. Saying this is now bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of man makes us now the operation was dreamt. That was followed by therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and the two shall be one flesh supporting it. Thus we can say the supposed division was making woman a sub man like tadpoles are to frogs for beginning civilization that made them, their off springs and everyone following their ways woman and daughters of men.

Replace his and wife and insert interpretations in brackets and we get: Therefore [to become man again] shall a man leave [their] father and mother, and shall cleave to [their spouses]: and the two shall be[come] one [in their] flesh. That reveals both genders will become whole man upon leaving parental teaching to develop both gender attributes, Yang and Yin, within themselves since we are taught, girls don’t do boys things and boys don’t do girls things to keep girls from developing their masculinity and boys their femininity.

Since after eating the knowledge of good and evil man did not discarnate it means they began this 84,000 year civilization after the 84,000 year alternate one divided by two 7000 year transitions produces an 182,000 year cycle plight man's judging caused. That shows woman is not a gender but incomplete man and the lost objective reasoning is death while what is normally called death is only discarnating. Only after a New Birth unites Yang to Yin to the four ethnics to 12 Eastern tribes of Ishmael to 12 Western tribes of Jacob within woman will the internal opposites attractions, called love, be eliminated. Those attributes do not represent bodies' designs we generally believe that boys' are masculine and external intellect while girls' bodies' are feminine internal spiritual called intuitive. As woman both genders receive natures not as we believed our bodies' designs represent causes homosexuality but when man have them all integrated in their bodies only girls' pheromones during ovulation will cause boys' sexual urges.

Revelation 12’s Symbols Revealed

First there's a great wonder in heaven of a pregnant woman usually believed to be a girl but is actually a boy that makes it a wonder. He is Isaiah’s virgin mother since spiritually virgin means virtuous and is not a gender nor someone who has never had a sexual intercourse because the son of man shall have begotten children prior to his Out of Body Experience.

Clothed in the sun means he will illuminate the understanding of the earth’s unrealized plight. The Moon under her feet means he walks exactly as prophesied, prophecy are not complete details but a general specific aspects. His crown means knowledge and the twelve stars are the sources of he uses to illuminate his understanding so distance to woman’s understanding they are but glimmers in the darkness of their consciousness. Lastly, he's travailing and paining to be delivered of a man-child that gets caught up to heaven reveals the kingdom of heaven is within us so his understanding is contained within him who don't know where to release it to accomplish its purpose.

Another wonder is a red dragon and dragons represent collective consciousness and red being the blood they cause to be shed, the rich 1%. Its ten horns are different warring groups, nations or terrorist that the seven crowns on the seven heads being seven self exalted families considering themselves kings and wise because they have woman desiring their wealth but don’t recognize them as the puppeteers behind the world's bloodshed. Their finance draws a third of all religions' leaders into their love of economics mentality denouncing the ecological laws that prevents woman from knowing the new birth constitutes the daughters of men changing back into ecological living sons of god.

The dragon planned to kill the child like the Pharaoh attempted during Moses’ birth and attempted when Yoshua the Christ was born but the dragon’s don't know the woman is a boy who becomes the man-child allows him to become a nomad for 1,260 days before returning to the asphalt, concrete and steel wilderness of the United States of America. Being unable to interpret prophecy the dragon sought a girl to and did prosecute one born with extraordinary powers they believed would be the mother that the book and movie Bless The Child was written as a metaphor about her plight.

Meanwhile a battle between Michael and his angels fighting the dragon and his angels, The Occupy Movement, brings the families out of hiding so woman can recognize them as they began to kill woman at will until a short peace the man-child brings before the Battle of That Great Day of God Almighty ends this civilization. That peace allows the 5 wise virgins to follow the child’s example of living ecologically to qualify for entering Armageddon while the sea of everyone else’s blood is spilled.

The daughters of men can not be tricked by sense perceptions and desire to become spiritual like sons of god were in beginning this world is why all woman destined to live in the alternative world must discarnate. The foolish virgins discarnates to allowing the wise virgins to continue the reproduction process up to the millennium before those discarnated to replenish the earth with began incarnating because if the wise virgins didn't continue to copulate being spiritually minded they would no longer desire to reproduce after a short time.

Upon returning to the U.S. on the wings of a great eagle [aircraft] the woman spends a time or year to study, primarily, dairy and beef cattle to see how woman came to reject cold and developed many physical and mental conditionings.

The dairy cattle spent their winters in a barn with the calves in it and away from them all year to prevent nursing and never went out when cold. Their caves were given milk in a pail that caused them to suck another calf’s ear for their sucking requirements. The cows were allowed out each morning for water and grazing if desired but as soon as they drank their water they would return to the barn in cold temperatures. On the other hand, the beef cattle gave birth and raised their caves outside while allowing them to suck full term and wean themselves were difficult to be driven into barns in any weather and developed into hardy cattle.

Those things taught the woman that woman are conditioned to reject cold, to like and dislike things oftentimes without having any interaction with them and are both mentally and physically weakened thereby. Our woman parents did not allowed us to accept cold is what caused our need for clothes. Not nursing woman’s children the required twelve years for replacing our milk teeth caused some woman to suck fingers, candy, pickles and other things until age twelve, sometimes later, is one cause for some of woman’s sexual activities.

He then went elsewhere for the times and the dividing of time or two and a half years where the previous year’s learning taught her how to manifest as prophecied became shirtless. Meanwhile, the serpent increased its flooding earth with miss-information creating confusion and babbling for preventing bringing the man-child forth. Because the dragon didn’t know the woman was a boy it prosecuted the girl in Bless the Child instead of him and man the earth over began presenting countering information that assists her reaching her place of destiny to become Samson who destroys Mystery Babylon's democracy's two political parties which brings his Out of Body Experience and become the prophet like unto Moses and govern the U.S. with the Constitution as his rod of iron to rule the nations with.


The reason Isaiah said “a child is born … and the government shall be upon his shoulders” is because the man-child will not be completely born until after the Out of Body Experience that is to provide her the “dominion powers” all sons of god had, until then she is only a “daughter of men” (Genesis 6:2). The U.S.A. is Judah of prophecy’s (Genesis 49:1 & 8-12) “young nation” that all nations are afraid to go to war with, and “the house of plenty bread” of Micah 5:2. The baby girl in the book “Bless The Child” who was prosecuted is not Chapter twelve’s woman but is the girl in the book “Lavender Blue, Lavender Green” who is to be waiting in the [White] House for her “Nomad” husband-to-be to arrive. Together she and her husband-to-be or “son of man” will bring the dead maze (symbolizing the dead world) back to life as President and vice. Now is the time since Revelation 13:5’s “forty and two months” symbolizes presidents. The 22nd and 24th presidents were the same person and Harrison died of pneumonia before doing anything as president makes Obama the 42nd and Trump is the one who leave the office for the “son of man” to “suddenly enter his temple” of the White House and bring world peace before Revelation 13:10’s destruction by Revelation 18:6’s “double unto her double according to her works” befall her.

Can you consider this interpretation as true since usually the chapter isn't preached?

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    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      18 months ago

      Thank you.

    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      18 months ago from Washington DC

      Yes,Robert, I an and all evidence seems to indicates nor 2 years. From my understanding of what is happening it will happen any day now.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      18 months ago

      Are you writing that from your interpretation President Trump will not complete his full term?


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