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Spirits, Spooks, Ghosties and Shades

Updated on August 11, 2013

Old Ghost Photo


Real or Imagination?

Are they real? The stories are never ending. Everyone has at least one person they know who has seen/heard/felt a spirit. Are these stories simply wild imaginings? Somebody had a bit too much of the spirit and saw a spirit of a different kind? Or are they real? Did your cousin's best friend's boyfriend really see that shadowy figure out at the cemetery when he was visiting his Aunt Emmas grave?

I can't sit here and say to you, "oh yes, you absolutely have to believe in ghosties, I've seen them, so obviously they exist". Well I can sit here and say that, but simply hearing me say it won't prove a thing. You have to experience the sighting/hearing/feeling yourself. Or simply watch Ghosthunters.



Okay, so now you've watched Ghosthunters. You've seen the flashing flashlights, heard the EVPs, watched the EMF detectors go off. Now do you believe in ghosts? No? Well, that's your prerogative. However, I do have one or two ghost stories (or a million) to tell and more questions for you to think about, so hang in there.

First of all, I have a minute teeny rant that I must get off my chest regarding that well known, obviously successful and most likely reality based show called Ghosthunters.

I was a "ghost hunter" for many many years before it was cool to be one. I didn't have the whole "ghost hunter kit", to back me up. Just me, my handy dandy Polaroid (okay, I just dated myself big time), my thermometer and my cassette recorder. (At least I didn't say reel to reel, that was my Dad's!)

I went into houses that had been said to be haunted and checked them out. I've always had no problem seeing spirits, shades and ghosts. I thought everyone could! When I'd tell someone that there was a spirit that wanted to share something with them, and then tell them that Grandma Betty wanted them to know there was a key to the music box in the basement, it got around that I knew what I was talking about. I had no shortage of people wanting me to check out this house, that room, that office, etc. and see if they were crazy and if not, could I get said ghostie out pronto.

This is my issue with Ghosthunters. They always poo poo any notion of a medium, spiritualist, or help of any kind from someone who actually sees and speaks to spirits on a daily basis. If you've proven the spirit is in the house, why not bring someone in to take care of it. I've seen them talk to children's spirits, dark spirits and many more. They provoke, they speak kindly, saying they want to help the spirits, then they leave. Really? How rude!


Every time I see that show (which I am morbidly drawn to against my will), I get angry! Don't just speak kindly to that child spirit and let them play with the flash light for a minute, HELP IT!!! Don't just ask that good spirit if there is an evil one keeping them there, HELP IT!! Don't simply tell the family with children living in the house haunted by a dark spirit that, yep your house is haunted, HELP THEM!!!!!

One more thing and then I'll leave Ghosthunters alone. They turn on their EVP recorders and ask for a sign. They get a sign. Then they say, "what the hell was that?"

Seriously? "What the hell was that?" What the hell do you think that was?! What the hell did you just ask for?!

Okay rant over. Thanks for indulging me.

My Story

As for my stories, there are so many to choose from. I can talk about what I've seen/heard/felt at other peoples houses, cemeteries, offices and back yards. I'd rather talk about my ghosts. The ones who've come to see me. The ones my daughter sees on a daily basis. The ones who saved my life. Tho it is tempting to go on and on, I'm going to narrow it down a tad and tell you two of my faves.

The first one is a spirit cat. I know, not scary enough, but these aren't Halloween stories, they are first hand experiences and my personal favorites chosen from hundreds.

I had a cat by the name of Sly. She was the daughter of my other cat named Gal. Gal had died five years previously to this occurrence (there are plenty of stories regarding Gal's spirit, but let's stick to the Sly one). Sly, at 15, was on her way out. It was around one in the morning. She was lying on my bed next to me. I looked over at her and noticed her fur was damp near her neck. The fur was moving and ruffling as if being pushed. She was purring. She wasn't the only one purring. I distinctly heard another cat purring beside her. I closed my eyes and opened them again to "see" the way I do. There was Gal, licking her and helping her on her way. Sly put her paw on my arm and Gal put hers on Sly. Then Sly passed. Gal had shown her the way in true motherly fashion.

That was the warm fuzzy story. Now for the real ghostie story. I was eleven years old. I had decided that riding my bike was the only thing I wanted to do one fine summer day. I told Mom the general vicinity where I thought I'd be, grabbed a banana and hit the road. I was a weird kid. I loved riding thru the cemetery. I felt at peace there and somehow knew I was welcome. I rode around the outside and then headed in to the paths between the stones. There were two gigantic crows that hung out at the cemetery. I called them the guardians. I told you, I was a weird kid. They would fly above me and follow me, flying from tree to tree as I rode. When I got to the mausoleum, I stopped to eat my banana and sit against the cool wall of the building. As I was sitting there, I noticed there was a feeling of unease around me. It grew worse by the minute and I got up to get on my bike. A man came around the corner of the building and ran at me. He grabbed me as I was riding away. I yelled, but there was no one around to hear me. No one alive anyway. He yanked me off my bike and I fell painfully to the ground. He started to get on top of me. Before he could do that his head was pulled backwards as if someone was pulling him by the hair. The crows were screeching and flying in circles above us. The guy fell backwards and landed on his back on the ground. I stood up and stared as two figures formed and literally sat on him! He tried to get up and couldn't. Being a weird kid, but not a stupid one, I got on my bike and took off like a bat out of hell. I rode at top speed all the way home and locked myself in my room, scared out of my mind. Not scared of the ghosts. I've never been scared of ghosts. It's flesh and blood nasty people that scare me!

A few days later I talked my brother into riding back to that place in the cemetery with me. I left two roses on the spot where they had held the guy down for me. I put a pile of peanuts out there for the crows too. I'll never forget those two spirits who most likely saved my life that day. I never saw them again, but I'll never forget them.

Never Bored

There are ways to help spirits on if they are trapped or lost. Depending on the spirit, why it's there, if it's light or dark, there are things that can be done. I've found over the years that some of the dark spirits prefer to hang out and cause trouble, so they need an extra hard push with some celestial help. The spirits who are lost are the ones who need kind words. They need to have their presence explained to them. They need to understand why they are still there. Possibly, they need help in determining why and someone to help them close out whatever part of their lives needs closing. Maybe they are there because they are afraid to move on, in which case they need someone who has moved on to show them the way.

For as long as I've done this, it never gets boring. I've discovered that once a spirit moves on into the light tunnel, they can come back if they wish. But they have to make that first trip or they remain trapped, confused and lost. That is just sad.

I've been hit, pulled, thrown, touched and hugged by spirits. I've dealt with light, dark and the darkest of the dark spirits. They're all out there. But don't take my word for it. Watch Ghosthunters. They do get few things right. They are able to tell when someone is just outright making up a ghost. They are able to get proof positive when it's there. They do have some fun toys. Maybe I'll buy me an EMF detector. Oh wait, I am an EMF detector. Never mind.


 In closing, whatever you choose to believe or not believe, they are out there.  If you are brave and curious, go to a house you've heard is haunted.  Open your eyes and ears.  If you feel uncomfortable there, leave.  If you fell okay, stay awhile and talk to the spirits.  You may just get an answer. 

If you are living in a haunted place and need help, look online.  There are many sites where you can get help.  It's all the rage now, hunting ghosts, tho I hate the word hunting.  Seeking is a better word. 

If you can't find help, leave me a comment.  I have never charged for helping good spirits find their way or showing the bad ones the door.  I never will. 

Above all, keep an open mind.  Maybe that lost relative is truly needing your help.  It could happen. 

How About You

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    • SavannahEve profile image

      SavannahEve 7 years ago from California

      Wow. Those are some detailed hubs! Just out of curiosity, which "Entity" are you saying ghosts are? If you are suggesting they are the devil, I'm afraid I can't believe that. If you are suggesting they are angels, maybe you are correct and some of them are. I do believe in Light and I do belive that unfortunately "as above so below" there is also dark. I've met plenty of both, in spirit and human form alike. Thank you for your comment and you also, go well with Light.

    • HOOWANTSTONO profile image

      HOOWANTSTONO 7 years ago

      Hi there,

      Your hub is put together well, and very informative.

      Ghosts are real, they vary with different descriptions, but they are all the same "Entity". Have a read on my links I have taken my info dating back 6000yrs, and give the accounts of their presence.

      Go well