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Standing on God's Word & Believing

Updated on May 13, 2012

What's it mean to stand on the word of God for your healing,

even for your total deliverance?

This doesn't have to sound funny to you or be confusing.

According to God's word, instruction, and ways, we can receive

what God has already promised us and made available to us.

This is where deliverance from sin, sickness, and also satan's secret inflictions are removed.When we get into God's word and discover that God has promised us freedom from the things we suffer, it stirs up hope- so we can have faith to believe in God for what he said is ours.

In God's word it says that God sent Jesus to die for this world's sin, broken fellowship with God.Deliverance from walking the path of darkness and ignorance.

Also exposing the characteristics of Lucifer-satan himself. Showing us clearly that he walked in disobedience to God by rebelling Against God.He decided to take on pride and for his will to super cede God's will and thought he could overpower God.Satan started a war, and he purposely set himself against God, and encouraged/deceived many of God's heavenly hosts to do the same.

Now God's remaining angels that he did not kick out of heaven,Only harken/ act in accordance to His word having no other choice.

And satan and the angels that were cast out of heaven- roam the earth

And take the forms of everything that goes against God, Jesus Christ,and indwells every demonic doctrine. Satan and his demon angels come in all forms of deception.

For committed sin satan gives us temporary pleasure to allow the legal right to intrude in our lives.Satan is out to steal, kill and destroy. So to put this short Satan seeks to tempt us to go against God,

to not trust God, to not even believe in God, causes confusion,

death, murder, destruction, sicknesses,hexes,vexes,curses,

lust for the ungodly,inspires refusal to let God free you.

With all of satan's tactics, and snares set in place and man's agreement with the sin in there life-

Makes for an %100 guarantee to not ever find the love of God,peace of God without calling out to Jesus, and if they die in this condition satan knows he can look forward to the torture he will inflict on there soul later when the sell is finalized, when the very last breath escapes there bodies. They refused the protection of God by receiving Jesus as there Lord.

The mindset of this world defies the way of God.

God's word tells us to set ourselves apart from those that rebel against God and not to walk in there ways.Be ye not conformed by this world- but transformed by God.Refusing to be tainted/spotted by the ways, the sins this world agrees with.

Choosing to follow God and to believe when He said "He who the Son of God sets free is free indeed"- Believe it by Choice!

Thank you Jesus! Knowing that if you continue in His word- pressing like we our told to do, laying aside the sin that takes us off course,taking a hold of the promises of God to deliver us, take care of us- this is where our freedom is.


We are not wrestling God for these promises, but satan, principalities,rulers of darkness, is where our opposition comes from. In knowing this we cling to the word of God and turn from everything that could give satan an avenue of entrance into our lives.

This is why we need God's wisdom, which we are to ask for in Jesus name. Another promise that God is faithful to do for us. In Christ and acting in the surety of what we have as our inheritance,our rights to as a blood bought child of God.We have to grip this and hold on like a lion to the promises of God.

Refusing the sin of fear, repenting and asking for forgiveness- replacing it with the love of, security of, the promises of God.

After all the bible says in Psalms 91 That those that call out to God and say "He is my refugee,strong tower, calling on the Lord, declaring to all that our God is faithful".This is faith in God activated through believing/standing- Doing God's word. These are among those that will be saved.

They were staying close to God- so they could not be deceived, continually beleiving Him- they did not draw back to be drug off into perdition,

and most important believed and obeyed God to the saving of themselves and those around them.

We ask God to open our spiritual eyes of our understanding in Jesus name- for he is the light of men,and we are to shine like lights- just like Jesus, lights in a world of darkness- having our eyes in single focus on God,filled with light because we are those who God will and is sending forth into the world for the harvest/ as harvest hands.

Those that are doing God's will, God will display His power and love through.

This is where total dependence of God has to rise and be in unity the whole body of Christ, working for one goal, in one spirit-filled with God's Holy Spirit because we ask for it in Jesus name. This is where the joy of the Lord reigns in our beings and we become one with Jesus according to John 17.

This is a must and we stand on God's word and believe that when God shows us that walking in His ways produces-

good fruits in our bodies - restore our health, to repair many generations that caused a breach in the flow of his promises.By Jesus stripes we are healed,our faith in God heals us.Jesus told us to have faith in God, that anything we ask in His name "Jesus name"-That our heavenly Father will give us.

He came and opened the way for us to have God's spirit, the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead- to operate/flow through us.

This is why we have to believe first that God is able to heal, deliver, even to the uttmost- no one is out of reach from God.Than we act on His word and pray for the sick and yes we have to be humble enough to touch them,hold their hand and and pray in the mighty name of Jesus for there healing.We have to show them the love of God.

We have to study and show yourself approved in the area of healing/deliverance by simply studying what God's word says.

Than we would/will discover over and over that these signs follow those who believe- which are us the believers of God's promises and faithfulness. The signs that follow us are in Jesus name we cast out devils,lay hands on the sick and speak in tongues, bearing the evidence of God's spirit within us. Breaking the power of sin and death's law by freedom in Christ.

Changing the course in which ones life,family,city,nation, country and world are on.

Because when we read God's promises and realize how truly good they are- we said/say "Yes, God we want your good and awesome plan".We realize that nothing even comes close to what God has promised-protection,deliverance,knowledge and wisdom,peace,healing,to know his love for real,to be able to walk and talk with God. All this is found in Jesus Christ.

To truly know your maker and not believe the lie it is impossible- many, many now in history

have declared to you the faithfulness of God. I also declare and give witness to this too.Many have set an example for us on the things that honor God and the ways that don't -the many that died in vain, or even the ones that lived and were pulled out of destruction,makes it clear the path that leads to life. This is only in Christ.

I am encouraging you to believe in God in a way that you never have before, this is what I lay down before you.

No one has ever regretted the results that doing right before God produces.We can truly be transformed into a vessel of God that has been purified by His truth and filled with His spirit-to have the joy of seeing God work miracles in peoples lives.

When Jesus walked the earth He was known for His compassion, love, gentleness to those that were suffering,His miracles showing again that God was pleased with Him by the fruits and evidence of everyone that Jesus touched.

He was also known for His boldness, His abiltiy by God to cast out legends of demons,Miracles that manifested immediate healing, demons feared Him and this isn't any new concept to this world that demons exist.

Every culture has documented some form of demonic attacks,in-dwellings, and also how they fear them, and some invite them so they can fellowship with theses evil spirits.The results of taking in these spirits causes it to manifest in sickness or even death.Jesus showed us that all power God has given to Him and he showed us how to exercise it over satan's kingdom.

Standing on the word of God to be able to receive His promises are clearly summed up like this: Accept Jesus as your Lord

(Romans 10:9-10_), ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit and to lead and guide you in Jesus name.Start studying God's word, start first with who Jesus is and what He came to do (Matthew,Mark,Luke,John).

Than Go to the areas to where you are weak in, tempted in, the areas of sins and behavior you would like and desire God to heal/change.Of course we ask God to forgive us of all our sins, the things we did that doesn't please Him.

For the wrongs we did to other people and all the guilt and pain.Our pain and misery entered in through ours,or someone else's sinning -that we had no control over. Plus because of lack of wisdom of God's word caused us to error too.So God has mercy and forgives us for all these things in Jesus name.

As we get to know God's word we will start to see other areas that we need God's help to get better in. So we see this and go and look at God's promises to forgive, strengthen, clean up, heal,the promises of a new heart, His unending love and where ever God leads us.

We than choose to believe, accept it, God's truth and do with His help,thanking God, walk it out- do it. Babies always fall so just get back up and seek God some more, He'll give you strength to get back up and this also causes strength and growth.

Never think God wants to overwhelm you, take it step by step. Satan tries to condemn us for messing up but God does not, God never taunts us with our wrongs. God corrects us gently.Those in Jesus are not condemned. Jesus died for our short comings and we are to keep coming to God, don't cease.

God's love, mercy, grace, guidance and that He will never leave us or forsake us is how our encouragement to keep drawing closer to God stays intact- Because God will never turn away a person that has a heart and desire to serve Him, and to know Him.God will use us to glorify Him.

The rewards, prize, protection, love, and faithfulness of God- Alone are worth it because in the end we will have not one reason to be ashamed.We will enter into the Kingdom for which God has prepared for those that love and honor Him!

Love God, Honor God, Follow Jesus and Do the Works He has assigned to us-Have life changing faith in God that will do the very thing God has willed to be done-

In His power,Spirit by the name of Jesus set the captives free and God does not want one to perish,but all to know God.

Stand and see your full Salvation!

Let His Spirit and power flow to all corners of the earth - Stand in Christ!

The harvest is ready- let Him make you ready!

And we desire that every one of you do show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end. That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience INHERIT the promises. Hebrews 6:11-12

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, andthat he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.Hebrews 11:6


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    • Gary Holdaway profile image

      Gary Holdaway 

      5 years ago from Sleaford, UK

      Very good hub, full of info. Perhaps not my kind of thing but its still nice to learn.

    • heavenbound5511 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

      Thank you so much Lifegate!

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 

      6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA


      Lots of good stuff. Thanks for sorting it all out for us. oh, and I especially like the verse you used, Hebrews 11:6. I'll be preaching from it tomorrow morning. Thanks again!


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