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Scarred Soldier of God - Healed by Christ

Updated on August 18, 2015

I am supposed to be sharing with you how I got free, how I was healed by God. What I did to obey God and continue with him.

God has given me freedom, to minister to those that are in the same type of bondages, that I once was in. God sent me a message and this is the part I will center in on today:


"These marks are to remember-

Remember where you came from

and how you got rid of them,

they ARE your Testimony-








A True Warrior Has Scars- Making them prepared & strengthened to walk through darkness, to lead the captives out.

  • From now on- this time onward, let no one cause me any trouble, for I bear the marks of the Lord Jesus branded on my body/in my body- that show I belong to the Lord Jesus. Gal 6:17
  • We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. 2 Cor 4:10

Some scars come from stretching and growing- this we can also look at with spiritual eyes. When we are growing and healing from seeking and receiving God's healing in Jesus, we will develop scars- because we had wounds, inflictions, damage from our past sins and the sins of this world. Some scars are good. Good scars make our skin thicker- making it harder to be broken & injured later on.*(So you know I read up on scars of the body and I am relating them to our spiritual growth and healing through what Jesus gives)

This is what God's healing causes- when Jesus heals us, we will have the scars of past battles and defeats, but it has built us up to a level of resistance, so now we can walk through storms, - being unshaken, firmly standing in Christ Jesus. This is how are faith in God- following Jesus heals us, strengthens us, than we can walk on water, through trials, through darkness, withstanding all attacks of the enemy. I hope we all have good scars to some level, because that means God has healed us.That's how people relate in the real world too, saying - it made me stronger, I can run harder, faster, because they went through the pain and received strength in resisting the temptation to just give up. Let us draw our strength from God who is the only one with power to sustain and save.

Also said "They make me strong"- either by loving you and helping you heal or by being by your side to encourage and help you. By the power of God in Christ Jesus, this is what God does for us- so we can heal and be successful.No one is like Jesus & no one can give you life, but Jesus.

Scars building up in our heart can become deadly- if we obstain too much damage, causing real death to the physical body - as I will relate this to if we do not guard our hearts it will destroy us, and our heart will fail us. In the natural this scaring of the heart can cause one to lose control of our heart muscles- In God's realm this can be compared to losing hope, and will to do what is right, becoming weaker because we our not guarding our hearts, we our still either involved in sinful living, or we are lukewarm, also it could be that we have never pushed through & really trusted God and received our healing.

The spiritual warfare that we have been called to go through requires us to be whole, unwounded- strong in the LORD, in order for us to do it. We can not do it our own way, or follow our own fleshly desires and expect to be healed or delivered, set free, victorious at that. It is by God's strength we are sustained, his word, obeying and doing what God's word says. No wish washy, God help me! When you refuse to listen to anything he says!

Rebelling against God causing open wounds, because we are not abiding in his love, which is in Christ. If we keep those open wounds exposed to the enemy to long it will cause an infection that could cause our whole life to go spiraling down. Other wounds are those inflicted on us by satan's attempt to throw us off course through open doors. Some open doors are simply because we refuse to stay prayed up and diligent in the word of God, refusing-And won't put on the garment of praise.

This is what you call a stagnant Christian, who is letting the gift, promises and call of God on there life to go to waste.They are not letting the living water of God's flow out of there bellies- they are not willing or have not ask for God to use them as a living vessel for His glory. Not using the talents or freedoms to glorify God with there lives- thus making God's word of no affect- leading a defeated life by choice.

God has been calling them and there heart witnesses this, but they refuse to feed that desire God placed in them. They refuse to go forward and see fully and completely what God wants to do for them, in them and through them.

They do not fully understand God wants to use them to change the world for Christ- they know not the power of Christ that causes the dead to rise and walk in the land of the living.

While some scars leave pits, with some muscle and tissue removed.In the flesh this could make you loose strength and movement- but with God he takes what is weak and makes it strong. An evidence of walking through what comes from the pits of hell and we survived and are completely renewed, healed- left in a stronger more resilient state because of Jesus. Don't let the scars fool you, we are now even stronger in the markings of these scars.

Even falling down causes scars and in God's kingdom, as long as we keep seeking him, and trying our best, obeying the voice of God- we may develop scars, but for our own good- strengthening us and reminding us from where God brought us. Woven deep within our hearts, the testimony of Jesus Christ. That Jesus did for me what no other person could ever do, it is by the grace of God I stand & live.

As a warrior is proud of there battle scars because it shows they won the battle and came out alive. I am not ashamed of my scars, it shows I made it through and did not give up. There is strength gained in that. This is a type of spiritual muscle gained when refusing to settle for less and striving to obey God- Muscles are gained in the repetition of using them over and over.

This is true in our physical and spiritual lives, if we do not push and give resistance and submit to God- we will not get stronger or even heal up. If we continue in God's word, obey him, trust him- than we will obtain complete freedom. It is what we are pressing toward- complete freedom from sin & it's effects- For our self and others. God takes us through a process and removes the damaged parts and that which will snare us up. God secures our feet and keeps them on his path, in safety- when we let God do what he wants with us.

Once I was in a dead state, going down the wrong road, I was living my life wrong. I had no real hope for change, love, or Divine help, and I had not the life and spirit of Christ. I was blind, not knowing the love and help of God- I walked in the valley of death. No body around me told me there is life in Christ- no one was shining the light of hope that Jesus gives. There was not one proclaiming the help, promises and hope in God.

The Testimony of My Scars Bear Witness, Jesus Has Healed Me

  • HURT- I was hurt deeply- hurt by so many people and I don't wish to recall. They hurt me, made me feel worthless, they hit me, pushed me, wished for my harm, some didn't mean to hurt me but they did too. I would be so hurt that it was all I could think about, it scared me into withdrawl and isolation. It made me think I was a mistake and unneeded and loved. I hated my life, and I hated everyone else. I kept it hide most of the time- but when I unleashed the damage it was causing my heart- I ended up being my very own enemy. I thought since no one else cared & I did not know what to do with the pain- that I too should harm myself by living dangerously, risking my own life. Thinking if I could just die I would have peace. *(Just so you know this type of stuff wrenches my heart to spill out to you, like my heart cries out for you as I recall this pain- how much I want you free from what God freed me from- this page has been brought forth from tears- let your freedom come- let Christ free you from these torments, His love is real and can heal you.)
  • USED- Hmmm.. Used- Yes, I have been used like everyone else. Tricked, deceived, and when they were done with there evil motives and got whatever they wanted- they were willing to throw me away as trash. Heartless, cold, devilish, people that turned into a tool the devil works through, & the torment that they had & were experiencing is reflected in how they lashed out.You know that what has been done to others, helps the victim turn around and be just like what attacked them. You all know what it is like to feel like this and or to actually have taken revenge on someone- it may feel like sweet revenge, but really it is nothing short of us stooping to do the same evil as they did. This is how we can understand God's forgiveness- We have been guilty and released from it in the past-because of Jesus.

*God leads us to forgive our enemies, so we can have our hearts healed and cleansed. This is so the dark spirit that was operating through the person's motives won't eat you up and cause you to take revenge. Forgiveness releases us from imitating the same action imposed on us. If we take revenge, doing the same sin that was done to us- in the end making us out to be no better than the attacker.

Adding evil upon evil does nothing but cause further reaping of death. We forgive as God has freely forgiven us in Christ Jesus.

  • ABUSED- I know the feeling of being abused, mistreated, and molested without cause. This abuse caused me to know that evil truly is alive in this world. Raped- yes, I have been taken advantage of and physically raped. Many people have also taken my kindness, mercy and help for granted. Abused, neglected, my innocence stolen- yes I know the pain of wanting my life to return like it was before I was abused, I wished it never happened. I did not want it in my heart- effecting how I looked at life. I wanted to be loved not hated.
  • ANGERED- By tragedy, sins, deaths, by my own failures, other peoples failures. Thank God he released me from the anger that made me lash out and be a mean bitter person.I had to let God's word teach me, and his spirit calm me down. I had to learn healthy anger from destructive anger.

Healthy anger causes us to seek to change an injustice and wrong that is inflicted on the living and causes us to focus on the answer- which is In Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Who can pull all out of destruction, if they call on Him. Jesus Christ justifies us and fights for us.

Unhealthy anger makes us become destructive, without self-control, without love in mind, lacks mercy, lacks any hope of restoration- be careful not to follow a wild spirit of anger it can kill you.

  • DEPRESSED- We should know that depression comes with oppression and assaults those who have been hurt, abused, lost and etc. When we seek God, and enter into his presence through prayer, reading His word, and praising him- we find release and freedom from the weight and the paralyzation that comes with depression.
  • MURDERED- A lot of my hopes, dreams, plans and innocence, my time, were in the past stolen away by satan and also that by my own free will. God restores to us hope for our future and gives us peace. Satan's chosen job is to steal, kill and destroy- Jesus has come to give us back what the devil stole, revive us with his spirit of life dwelling inside of us, and for us through his power causing the generations that were destroyed through sin, to be repaired.He restores the path we are to dwell in-Is 58.
  • HUNGERED- I never knew a love that gave life, sustained me, or healed me before I met Jesus and received the love of God. My soul's hunger was not quenched until I found Jesus.

I hope that with me sharing this with you, that you will not look at all the troubles in your life as if God really doesn't love you. It's not true- it is a lie. God loves you just like he has loved me. Every time you have cried (He has even counted your tears), screamed in pain,- everytime someone hurt you- it truly has pierced the heart of God- and this is why the vengeance of the Lord we wait on, this is why we want God's justice.

God's justice will make the conditions that sin causes to cease- this is what will be finished when Jesus returns for us. Until then God is preparing us to meet Him- purging us from sin, calling us out of darkness. Trying in every way possible to reach the heart of all mankind. His love will not fail us, God is faithful- reach out and take the one that can save you and lead you home.

This world is truly not your home, we do not belong to this world- this is the place that we are tested, given a free will to love God and take what he offers- or be left out. It does us no good to bite the hand of God that feeds us- it is God's will that you get everything that Jesus died to give you rights to. Come as you are and but you will not remain the same- God's love transforms all that He touches.



Your Great Name

Kirk Franklin- Stomp


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    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 

      6 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      heavenbound5511, you are heavenbound!!!! Voted-UP on this HUB! AMEN!!! Thank you for sharing, much love.... Come visit when you have a chance. God Bless you!

    • skye2day profile image


      6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      heavenbound my oh my sister. I have big tears in each eye. I feel like hitting my knees and thanking GOD almighty and weeping. I may just do that too. I felt your pain and I felt the power of the Holy Spirit touching me through your words. Dear sista oh yes we have our scars and they are past. We are forgiven and part of our testimony that may save a lost soul or encourage another. Sovereign GOD knows what He does. I am moved and touched with the love of GOD. Your writing has so helped me tonight. I have been going through some major change for some time and I know that I know God is sovereign and HIS Holy Almighty promises are for HIS Children and true. God is never wrong. Oh how great is our God. I thank God for leading me here tonight. I am weeping it is all good. Love you sister in Christ Jesus. Your sis. Please know your have so Blessed your sister, Christ has used you in a mighty way. Beautiful up awesome. Thank You for sharing your heart and the Love of God.

    • heavenbound5511 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

      Hi Lifegate,

      I hope you are doing well and Thanks for the continued encouragement- means more than you may know!

      God bless you!

    • heavenbound5511 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

      Hello Dave,

      Yes, so true we will never know exactly how much Jesus went through just for us.

      Bearing the marks of Jesus in my body means to me, that I have the proof of Jesus healing & transforming my life- therefore leaving a scar- for all to see what my Jesus has done- he will do for them.

      These scars represent that Jesus died for our sins and by His resurrection from the dead, so has my life been resurrected from the dead state- reconciled to God- bearing the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead!

      Where would we be without Jesus?

      Lost & wounded.

      God bless you!

    • heavenbound5511 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

      Thanks so much Eddie!

      I love to share the my testimonies of what Jesus has done in my life!

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 

      6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA


      Wow! What a hub. I love the anaolgy. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Our pains and scars pale in comparison to those inflicted upon Christ.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is so powerful! Thank you for sharing your scars. I can’t help but think of how Jesus made Himself known to His disciples; “…Behold My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself. Handle Me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see I have." Luke 24:39 Like you; I am not ashamed of my scars, it shows I made it through and did not give up. Vote up, beautiful and useful. ~ eddie


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