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What are the Basics of Tarot Cards and Decks to Buy for Beginners?

Updated on September 4, 2016

The confusing subject called Tarot Cards

Run a search on tarot cards in any search engine, like Google, and see what you find. This is such a broad and vast topic that you'll no doubt see a whole lot of results all about Tarot Cards. A lot of this information is, of course, useful and helpful.

But the problem is, with so much information to be had on the subject, you can get inundated with pages and pages of information that you might not even know where to start. You'll just end up being frustrated as you try to find what you're looking for.

Thoth Tarot Deck
Thoth Tarot Deck

The Thoth Tarot Cards Deck by Aleister Crowley is one of the most popular and well-known tarot decks out there alongside the Rider-Waite Tarot Card Deck


Many sites on Tarot Cards cover a lot of things about the subject and a lot speak of how to read the cards, what are the meaning of the cards and many other things besides, all relating to the topic of Tarot Cards.

Are you a beginner to Tarot Cards?

If you're just a beginner to Tarot Cards, then all you initially want is very basic information regarding this topic.

In my case, seeing so many sites detailing how to read the cards and what the cards mean and all those other things about Tarot Cards just served to confuse me.

A lot of the information I saw seemed to be operating under the impression that I knew some of this already.

The Universal Waite Tarot Deck & Book Set.
The Universal Waite Tarot Deck & Book Set.

But if you're new to all of this, then, of course, you don't know what the Tarot Card terms mean.

Things like Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and all these other terms just seem like jargon to us because we're confused and we still don't know what they mean.

Most importantly, if we're new to Tarot Cards, this isn't the kind of information we're looking for, at least not yet.

After all, what good is knowing how to read Tarot Cards when you don't even have a Tarot Cards deck yet? What beginners really want to know is where should you start first?

Have you found the Tarot Cards deck that's perfect & right for you?

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What beginners really want to know is where should you start first?

If you're just learning about Tarot Cards, what you want is the very basic information about what exactly you should do first and what you should learn first.

Since the topic in question is really broad and vast, you need to take things one at a time. Start from the beginning and all else will soon follow.

Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All
Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All
Don't start trying to find out what each Tarot Card means and how to read the Tarot Cards if you don't even have a deck yet. Take things slowly. There's no need to rush. You'll be able to do this soon.
Don't start trying to find out what each Tarot Card means and how to read the Tarot Cards if you don't even have a deck yet. Take things slowly. There's no need to rush. You'll be able to do this soon. | Source

What are Tarot Cards in the simplest meaning possible?

Tarot Cards can be used to see the possibilities of the future.

It is a form of fortune-telling and divination but it can also be used for meditation or to gain insight into things.

Tarot Cards consist of 78 cards divided into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana has 22 cards while the Minor Arcana has 56 cards. The Minor Arcana has 4 suits and 4 court cards.

What's the next step in learning about Tarot Cards?

Now that you know a little bit about Tarot Cards and you still find yourself interested and eager to learn more, what's the next step? What should you do now? Of course, you'd want to be able to start reading the cards right away and finding out how to read the Tarots and what they mean. But there's no need to rush. Slow down and take things one at a time.

Universal Waite Tarot Deck and Book Set
Universal Waite Tarot Deck and Book Set

This item includes the Universal Waite Tarot Cards Deck, which contains 78 cards, and The Pictorial Key to the Tarot book by Arthur Edward Waite


Before you even begin to look into how to read and interpret the Tarot Cards, the first thing you'll need is a deck for yourself.

After all, what't the use of knowing the meaning of the Tarot Cards and how to do a reading if you don't have a deck with which to practice and use for yourself?

What Tarot Cards deck should you use? What's the right deck for you?

Knowing that you need a Tarot Cards deck doesn't make acquiring said deck any easier. If you run a search for Tarot Card decks, you'll soon find out that there are many, many different kinds of Tarot Card decks out there. It seems that there are decks for a whole variety of themes and subjects including an Arthurian deck, a Merlin deck, a Shakespearean deck and even a Manga deck.

Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!
Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!

This one was made especially for beginners.

The item includes the Gilded Tarot Cards deck, a layout sheet that helps you read the cards, sample readings, guide to the meanings of the cards and so much more


It also appears that there are many more decks that are being created. With all the different Tarot Card decks out there, you're no doubt confused as to which deck to use.

What's the perfect and right Tarot Cards deck for you?

The truth is, regardless of the many decks out there, it's entirely up to you to choose what deck you want to use.

You can have whatever deck you want as long as it’s something that you like and that you're comfortable using. Choose the deck that calls out to you.

You might choose a deck because of its design or its feel. Your deck of choice should be the one that feels most perfect to you. Be patient and take your time in finding the perfect deck for yourself. If there’s a subject or topic that you like, there is a chance that you might find a deck related to that topic.

Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!
Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!

For instance, you want a deck on flowers or fairies. If you search around, you will find that there are actually Tarot Card decks on these themes.

Alternatively, you can choose to use the many starter and beginner decks out there for novices. These decks are easier to understand and they help newbies in learning more about Tarot Cards.

You can even choose to use the Rider-Waite Tarot Cards deck, which is one of the most widely-known decks.

Tarot Cards Decks with Books from

All the items featured on the right from, like the Tarot Kit for Beginners, come with both a Tarot Cards deck and a Tarot Cards book. It's always much more preferable to have both a book and a deck at once so you can immediately get started with using your new cards and reading up on it. This is especially so if you're new to Tarot Cards.

After all, what are you going to do with a deck of Tarot Cards if you don't even know how to use them? And what are you going to do with a book on Tarot Cards if you don't even have any Tarot Cards with which to practice whatever the book is teaching you?

Why are you interested in learning about Tarot Cards?

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Just take your time and, eventually, you will be able to find the perfect Tarot Cards deck that's just right for you.

It is after you find and purchase this perfect deck of yours that you should start looking into more information about Tarot Cards. But until then, just focus on getting yourself the perfect deck.

Learning about Tarot Cards may be confusing but if you take things one at a time, you should be able to understand things clearly enough. It will also help if you get books on Tarot Cards that are simple and easy to understand and won't just end up confusing you.

Pic credits: The images are enlarged pics of the products from

© 2013 Ceres Schwarz


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    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      @GwennyOh - thanks for the comment. Yeah, Tarot Cards can be a really confusing and complicated subject. There's just so much to learn about it and there's a whole lot of information too. Yeah, the Universal Waite deck is said to be one of the really popular and well-known decks that's especially good for beginners.

    • GwennyOh profile image

      GwennyOh 4 years ago from LaLa Land

      Your article brings me back to memories of a time when I was new to Tarot card reading, and how confusing it all was.

      For the record, out of over 100 decks I have; one of the ones shown here - the Universal Waite is among a handful of true and timeless favorites.

    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      @rajan jolly - thanks for the comment, votes and the share. I'm glad that you found this hub useful. Tarot cards can be a complicated and confusing topic especially for beginners.

      @StephanieBCrosby - thanks for the comment. You're right about the other places. That's what I found too when I was doing research. The subject of tarot cards just became more confusing and difficult to understand with the inclusion of terminologies that beginners don't need to know yet. It would be better to take things one at a time and only discuss the very basics first before delving into the more complicated matters.

    • StephanieBCrosby profile image

      Stephanie Bradberry 4 years ago from New Jersey

      This hub is really helpful, insightful and comprehensive. I was shaking my head in agreement as I read your introduction. Even when other places try to explain things simply, it still comes across as confusing or beginning in a place that assumes you already know quite a bit of terminology. Well done!

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Very clear, concise and up to the point information for a novice. At least it's given me a basic idea of what tarot cards are and what they can be used for.

      voted up, useful, interesting and shared.