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That EVP Has Class

Updated on September 12, 2012

The classes of EVPs

I visit many websites in regards to paranormal research and am also very active on several boards and communities and one question always pops up in the EVP section of these sites and communities. That question is "What are EVP classes and how can you tell the difference?" A very good question I think. The answer lies with the one listening to some extent. I use a scale very similar to most sites I found that have EVPs set into separate classes. In this article I hope to inform you of those classes as well as show you how to decide where your EVP work is to be put into. While some would argue that three classes are not truly a fitting classification system I am perfectly content with it.

Class C- The class C EVP is the most common type captured. It is very faint, almost whispery even. Class C EVPs almost always require headphones for listening and are very difficult if not impossible to interpret. Most class Cs are noises as opposed to words and sentences. Class C sadly make up the bulk of what we are going to encounter in our work as researchers. One method of easily identifying class c EVPs is to use white noise in the back ground of the recording.

Class B- Class Bs are a little different. Class B EVPs are more audible. They may require headphones but most do not. You will be able to hear at least a few words out of a sentence in a class B EVP. Class Bs are a little bit rarer than class C EVPs but are still not the golden achievement we wish they could be. Class B EVPs are usually a few words mixed in with phrases we can't really make out all to well. This poses quite an issue with those listening to the recordings as to whether or not they are really EVPs.

Class A- The class A EVP is by far the rarest to collect. Class As are very clear and do not require headphones at all to be heard. Full sentences and phrases can be heard without alteration by way of any editor or other software. Class A EVPs are very difficult to come by. The class A EVP is the prime goal in the field of paranormal research as far as EVP is concerned. I know when my team gets a class A I am thrilled to the core.

Loud is not always better!
Loud is not always better!

A few tips and tricks

 A few simple things to remember is loud does not mean better. A loud EVP is simply that, not a class A. A great deal of times I will stumble on an EVP that is classified as a class A when in reality it is just a very loud class C. This can be rather annoying and really drive people away from your site and even worse it will hurt your ability to stand out as a quality researcher in the field.  I suggest downloading Audacityand using it to help you edit your EVPs. It is a free program and will make it a lot easier to review your recordings. Another tip for avoiding falsely classifying your work is to always listen to your recordings in silence. Any noise can be just enough to cause you ti mishear something. I also suggest that every EVP be reviewed at least 3 times by no less than three researchers on your team. You want to have different feedback on what is being heard. Never tell a researcher what you hear until they review it first otherwise you are simply planting an idea in their head as to what they are going to hear. This is very much a bad idea.

When putting EVPs into classes always remember to not place them in to high a class out of hopes of better EVPs, be honest with yourself and the clients you work for. Happy hunting!!!!

A Simple Pole

What EVP class makes up the majority of your research findings?

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EVP captures

These are a few my team capped and we would love some feedback on them. EVP is quickly growing as the second best way of acquiring evidence of paranormal activity. While still not a fool proof way of obtaining evidence EVP is often being revamped and modified by new gadgets and gear. I myself use a simple tape recorder or a digital voice recorder but other folks have been known to actually use studio quality mics and recording gear to get their results. You have to really work and figure out what best works for you. This field is always growing and newer methods will often come up. It is vital that you find the methods that best work for you.


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