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The Little Miracle At Buckfield

Updated on April 1, 2011

If only we had the faith of a child

I travel a lot with my gospel group Simple Harvest and we are always glad to do the Lord's work in any way we can. On Sunday February the 27th we were at Buckfield Free Will Baptist church over in the Pikeville area of Eastern Kentucky. This church is so amazing. They made us feel like we were family and treated us as kind as we could ever ask for. We have been like time friends with a member of the church and he asked us over. This would be our second visit to the little church on the hill, but by all means it would be the one that showed us what faith means!

Faith is believeing what the eyes can't see. As we sat there listening to the congregation song and seeing the love that little church had for each other a little girl stood up. She was tiny, about 12 years old and had a smile that lit the room up like a candle in the darkness. You could just see the Lord all over this little girl. She handed her CD to the sound room operator and proceeded to choose a microphone. Once the music hit I knew the song right away, "He Knows My Name". It is one of the most dramatic testimonies ever put to music.

That little angel belted out that song with such passion that I was moved to tears. I looked over at my band and it is safe to say there were no dry eyes amoung Simple harvest! Her words reached out to the entire room and every heart was filled with emotion and love. Music is my church. It's how I get closer to my God and my saviour Jesus Christ and this little girl was giving me a front row peak at the pearly gates of Heaven.

As she finished she calmly thanked the room and went back to her seat, that big smile blarring like the world was her for the taking. This little 6th grader had just shook the foundation of every soul in that room who had not built their house up on the rock. Than one of the preachers stood to talk about the little child. That is when I realized we don't always realize what we have got.


Faith as Strong as a mustard seed

The Bible tells us that if only we had the faith of a mustard seed we could move the very mountains. We came to learn that the little darling who had touched our hearts was named Brttany, and she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. That little angel was sick.

We discovered that not only was the news about the disease not bringing the little girl down, she was taking it as a way to become closer with God. Her smile had not vanished, her walk not slumped and her spirit remained unbroken. I was so amazed that someone so young could grasp the idea of faith so much better than most adults could.

I suffered an injury during my pro wrestling days that has left me with a multitude of problems. At first I blamed God. I was angry and I wanted him out of my life and away from me because in my mind he let me get hurt and took away the things I loved. (I lived to wrestle) It took several years for me to realize that God did not take it away, I did. I was offered a spot in a promotion far from home but I wanted to be were everyone already knew me, were cheers could be heard with my name ringing in them. It was pride that got the best of me.

Here before me sttod a 12 year old girl, who knows she is very ill and that the illness will worsen, yet she stands firm in her faith in the Lord. She knows who has her back and who will bring her home. This little child displays the faith that I wish I could.  

After the music stopped.

 My group took the stage, all the while I thought about little Brittany and how someone could go through such a situation with such faith. My mind drifted in and out of our songs as I realized the problems I get down from are really not that bad. Compared to little Brittany most of my problems are walks in the park. Sure the occasional rain storm may be present but they were not as bad as I imagined them to be.

We finished our last song and I surveyed that young child of God speaking with another young girl. That big smile was there and her eyes had a gleam in them that made old Satan afraid to come in that church I am sure. I watched as she shook her head yes and to the alter came a teenage girl, Brittany holding her hand the whole way. That little angel had helped lead a soul to the heavenly kingdom of our Lord.

We are supposed to be fishermen of men. I often say before we play anywhere let's cast out our nets and make them strong so that we can pull in those who are lost. It is my favorite part about what we do. As the song says if just one soul walks down that isle it is worth it all. Not only did little Brittany have the courage to stand strong for the Lord in her sickness she was working for him!

Lessons learned

 Our walk in this world is always going to be a troubled one. The Bible tells us that Satan seeks to lie, steel and destroy that which the Father has created. He is the ruler of this world. How we choose to deal with him is a strong part of who we are. There are those who embrace the king of lies and feel thay are fine. Others like my self choose the narrow way, the one that leads all souls home.

Coming into that little church that day I was feeling bad. I had been having issues with a side project I was working on, I was upset about some friends who have been less than there for me lately, and I was wallowing in self pitty. I really would have been fine staying home and sleeping away the depression but God was working. When God speaks those who are wise listen. It is that love he has for us that leads him to take us where we need to go, and I needed to be at that church!

I often look at circumstances in my life and fail to see how God has moved on them. Yes, I could have had a successful wrestling career as Darkside, all the while being the badguy but God knew that was not my heart. He knew I could do better away from that ring. I know my injury was a turning point and in time I used it to help others see God in me.

That little girl singing for her Lord was showing that yes, she was sick but she was also showing that her battle was not with that sickness but against he who seeks to take away from us that which the father had prepared. Jesus himself dealt with Satan's temptations and he showed us that despite being the force he is Satan is nothing compared to our King and the faith we display for him.

A man does not put a candle under a bushel, he holds it high for all to see the light. We have to learn from Brittany and her courage. Our light might be the only one people see and if we dim it than what have we done. Our souls are not worth anything this earth could offer. In the Bible we learn that the disciples witnessed Jesus walking on the water. At first they are terrified thinking they are seeing a ghost. Jesus calms them and says "It is I". Peter, always the ambitious of the 12 says "if it is you Lord, let me come onto the waters".

Peter walks across the water's surface and is doing fine until the wind and waves pick up. Then he starts to sink. Jesus saves Peter and "says "oh ye of little faith"

All peter had to do was trust in the Lord, put his faith in Jesus and he would float on the water. But, as soon as trouble and tribulation came his faith started thinning out and he found himself sinking. Even with Jesus beside him his faith suffered when hardship came. We as Christians are the same way. As long as life is going great we are fine but during hard times we forget to turn to the throne and keep our focus on Jesus. We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us.

I learned that if we only had half the faith that little child displayed we would be so much happier and better off. I hope this has touched you in some way. Thanks.


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    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 3 years ago from Wheelwright KY


    • profile image

      Audel 3 years ago

      The voice of raiionaltty! Good to hear from you.

    • profile image

      Karen 6 years ago

      Brittany is my daughter, and as I lay here at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital with Brittany at 3:00 AM, I woke up and pulled up my Facebbok on my iPhone to check Brittanys prayer page and found this posted by someone. Thank you so much. God is so good!

    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 6 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      Thank you, I appreciate your time to read it.

    • Captain Jimmy profile image

      Captain Jimmy 6 years ago from WV