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The Way Of The Spirit (Becoming Wine)

Updated on September 16, 2013
Being In The Vine
Being In The Vine

Being In The Vine

The wonderful thing about being in the vine with Jesus and being filled with the glory of God through his awesome Holy Spirit, he sent to indwell us is… you get to be fruitful, but only if you really want to! Gifts of the fruit need to be picked up, put on and given away.

God in his enormous genius made provision within us right from the beginning to have a spirit, soul and body. He designed us in such a way that we could contain a part of him that would not compromise our free will and would help us to negotiate through life in the Spiritual dimension and also in our body within a time line that we understand and recognize.

Once we come to a place of understanding the function of our soul, mind, body and spirit and sort out and become familiar with our make-up, our capacity for God ordained feats are actually unstoppable. (Spirit led, and we are keeping in step with the Spirit)

Unfortunately we are not very quick learners as we plod along through the muck of narrow mindedness and little faith and fickle minded dribble we’ve been fed by others or have come to accept as the norm in our short sightedness and loser influenced mentality.

Jesus constantly encouraged the disciples about their lack of faith and presented circumstances before them that would challenge their thought process. They as we are, were confined to the narrow mindset and could not see past into the Kingdom dimension living and venture outside of their box. (Continual mind renewal needed)

Jesus tried with the feeding of the multitudes on two recorded instances… “You feed them…”

When he was asleep in the boat during the storm… “Oh you of little faith…”

Peter alone for a brief few moments broke the law of gravity and walked on the water, while the others looked on in amazement.

Jesus took Peter, James and John up the mountain and introduced them to Moses, Abraham and Elijah. Then they heard the voice of the Father right there beside them. A very special introduction to his position and divinety.

These were no small encounters and faith stretching, Spirit dimension revelations.

They watched the raising of the dead over and over again.

Miracle after miracle after miracle and Jesus said, “I only do what I see my Father doing and what he directs me to do.” (Emphasis mine) He also said, “You will do greater things.”

There are only a few very fortunate individuals in the Old Testament who had some extreme encounters also. (At least what we know of from the limited written testimony.)

Moses had the most, and was known as a friend of God.

Right now our minds are telling us that these were exclusive, that they were special people?

Special people… Yes because they wanted, hungered after, and would not stop seeking after until they had the fuller picture and experience of God. A visitation of his presence that left them marked for the rest of their lives. (Remember Jacob, he walked with a limp)

So what am I getting at? Am I trying to pull God out of a magic hat like a rabbit? No.

He himself has said, “Seek me and you WILL FIND ME when you seek me with ALL YOUR HEART!”

Is God hiding? In some ways; yes.

If he is hiding, why is he doing this? What is the expectation in his heart for us to consider doing in chasing after him? Is this some kind of frivolous game to wear us out and use up all our energy?

He gives us a huge piece of himself, the third person of the trinity to indwell us; then there has to be a greater reason than just to lead us into all truth and help us with the daily task of keeping us from sin. (Do we have a clue what all truth is?)

These are minor things, men were doing this by keeping the law, as imperfect as they were. All those who went off to glory before Jesus were called faithful.

But yet the law was only the precursor to a better, richer, fuller, more complete, way.

The way of the Spirit.

Man was now going to rise to a new place following in the footsteps of Jesus, the second and complete flawless Adam.

Holy Spirit was given, a precious one of a kind gift of grace for us who believe.

But how many generations is it going to take for the real Sons of God to rise from the spiritual wasteland?

I don’t mean an army of Spiritual troopers who come with explosive righteous vindictiveness.

I’m talking about the real, “LOVERS OF GOD!” men and woman who will not stop asking, seeking, knocking and wanting for total consummation of Holy Spirit in their lives. So much so that the Holy Fire of God will burn up every molecule of their earthly flesh and they become the second coming of Christ. (Poetic expression used)

This is going to be the bride who loves him with a passion that will shake the world.

We need the Kingdom reality that is already here, present, to be manifested in us with fervency.

Once you are well established in the vine and the glory of the season has blessed you and your fruit is plentiful, you are picked at your peek and brought to the wine press.

You are mingled together and pressed down; you relinquish yourself to the wine master’s hand. Your juices run out into the next stage of your life and heaven is added to the fruit of the earth. Spice, life, constant temperature and caring go into your heart. Fermentation process and special containers designed for you to mature in over a span of time. The discerning nose and pallet of the wine master watch you carefully and will not release you until you are the perfect age. (The Old wine skin is removed for the New to emerge)

You are poured out into a new container, sealed and marked for the master.

You with others travel the world and are invited into the homes of the unsuspecting. Now these connoisseurs of life will uncork you and pour you out. They raise you to their esteemed nose of knowledge and suddenly they are captured by the essence of God. They drink you in and are changed from earthly glory to a new Holy Presence life filling uncontainable truth in their mouths and have to proclaim it to the world.

They as you become Lovers of God and their season in the vine begins.

Be so filled with the Spirit that you permeate a room with the Glory and Essence of the Son of God who loved you and poured out his life as an offering. (Wine and Bread)

Be so filled with the Spirit’s Love that our heavenly Father looks over at the angels and says, “That’s my child, I am well pleased.”

In Gal.5.22, Paul is talking about the fruit of the Spirit. He is not talking about something that we already fully possess. If we already did there would be no need to mention it here. Some may argue that if Holy Spirit is in you then you have this fruit. Yes… but the fruit is in him and needs to be transferred to us via a spirit to Spirit connection.

If you believe that you are expressing in your life this Spirit love then why is he saying that it is a gift? What does a gift literally mean? Something that needs to be accepted, just like salvation and something has to be given up or exchanged just like turning from our sin to Christ and receiving forgiveness the gift of God.

We possess a natural “soul” love, but it is not yet Agape “unconditional love”. If it was we would be very different people.

Test yourself with the other fruit gifts and see if you really believe you are fully operating in the Spirit.

Spirit filled joy that brings you strength to face any situation, such as Paul and Silas in jail singing after being beaten? You get my meaning here.

We all try to make these things happen in our flesh and we wonder why it doesn’t seem to work or last very long and we beat ourselves up.

Our spirit is designed to be a receiver and we have a receptacle designed by God to get the charge of life from Holy Spirit. He is the power regulator, sort of like a transformer. He regulates the power coming from God to us. That is why when God touches people they fall down, fly backwards, shake etc because of the power being released. We could not contain the power of God without him. (There are just too many instances in scripture to mention here and other well documented facts throughout history. Check it out for yourself.)

So abiding in the vine as Jesus speaks about in John, is showing us that we are in HIM, (Jesus) Holy Spirit is in HIM, (Jesus) and God is in HIM, (Jesus) and Jesus had prayed for us that THEY would be in US.

This is impossible without our spirit and Holy Spirit, because God is… SPIRIT.

So the vine is the electrical grid and there is no life for us unless we are plugged in.

We may be plugged in but are we turned on?

Power comes to all of our homes, but each of us independently of one another can walk over to the main panel and turn that power off. Or we can turn sections of that power off.

I could go on and on with this analogy, I think you get the picture.

We receive each gift by faith and allow it to be exercised. You try it out on people, allowing Holy Spirit to teach you how to use it until it becomes a fully active expression in you.

We are designed to have the fullness of God in us. But if you are full of you, there is no room for God. So we all need to get emptier and emptier and emptier and hungrier and hungrier and hungrier.

The vessel the wine goes into has absolutely nothing in it until the wine master pours in the New wine. You pour yourself out for a season come back and do it all again, over and over.

See John 14, 15, 16 & 17 (especially 17.21)

Go into the entire world and be the BEST wine and bring much joy to others, pouring out the full measure of the gospel, from these clay vessels.


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