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Soul to Soul - Our Spiritual Connection

Updated on September 2, 2013

For the past few days, I have been thinking, how we all share this planet's reality with our family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and strangers that may cross our paths while crossing the street or eating at a restaurant or at the airport, to never meet again.

How can billions of humans share a planet and not affect each other at some level? We share the same air from thousands of years ago; the air quality may be different, but the air we breathe has at least a few particles that were once breathed in by Jesus, Aristotle and Plato. It boggles the mind that this is a scientific fact! Of course, I am hoping I am breathing in particles from Jesus and Plato and not Hitler, but alas, it doesn't work this way. :)

We are One through the very air that we breathe, and our spirits, yet, we are individuals as well. I think how we each experience our world through our filters. While I can be content in my world attending my home and business, a friend in my reality may be experiencing anger and struggle, (or I can be experiencing struggle) and words that I may say that are coming from a place in me that is not anger, can be misconstrued to be threatening.

This is the way of ego's filter's and projections.

If we learn to step out of our way, and communicate soul to soul the way enlightened Masters such as Jesus or the Buddha could do and modern day enlightened teachers can do, perhaps the world would shift in a second, because we will truly see the core of our souls which is always Love. So, how does one handle another person's conflicts? I have learned, the best is not to react but to just observe it. Yours and theirs, but without any judgments, just observe and the energy of conflict often dissolves on its own, and much can be learned about oneself.

I have been observing how I react as part of being spiritually conscious and on occasion, I may get irritated, I may huff and puff, but not for very long. I catch myself and see what is happening and cut the energetic connection by not feeding the drama and being pulled down into it. This happened to me last year, while I was busy living my life, two friends were at odds with each other, to which I had no clue, and my name came up as part of their struggle, which I found out weeks later. Instead of getting annoyed, I found it actually very interesting, because it made me realize that I have no control over what is going on in the mind and lives of other humans, we each experience life differently, we each have our lessons to learn, and feeding conflict for conflict's sake does not Truth serve.

Years ago, when I embarked on this path and was a voracious reader of spiritual and psychological subjects, I came across an exercise where if one could not reach a loved one or even a boss due to a misunderstanding, and face to face communication was not leading anywhere due to the defenses of the mind and emotions, we could in the late evening or early a.m. when the world was quiet, mentally say "let my soul speak to the soul of John Doe," and speak words of understanding.

I have done this with my partner. When we wish to understand (not because of a conflict, simply for the connection and understanding) the higher reasons for a friend's struggles or lessons, we tune in to the person's soul, and we get glimpses which we both discuss. The friend often comes back with the insights we both reached a few days later; this has happened a few times. We are indeed all connected!

My mate wrote this poem which describes how we humans listen through the filters of our human ego instead of our soul...

Soul to Soul

Just behind your eyes
There's someone I need to talk to
But you keep looking away. 
I listen for a familiar voice 
But you keep screaming over it. 
And it's hard to hear. 
Your heart is my heart 
But you keep the doors closed 
And I can't breathe. 
Every time we get up to dance
You think you need to lead 
And then you step on my feet. 
There is a visitor inside you 
That I need to be with. 
You think I've come to see you 
And so you slam the door in my face.

I slam my door in return 
So here we sit
Behind closed doors 
Trying to understand
How we became two ....
And what to do? 


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