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Living Life in a Fantasy World. A True Social Dilemma.

Updated on April 12, 2015

A true social dilemma

Mankind's inability to accept the 'Diversity of Life'

The diversity of all life on this planet, and ultimately on extraterrestrial worlds, cannot be reconciled by man through their limited vision of creationism.

There is absolutely no empirical evidence to prove this theory (creationism), one way or the other.

To quote from the QualiaSoup video (Lack of belief in Gods):

"Without any evidence of the existence of any gods, from those gods themselves, it is only the claims of human beings that insist that we take the existence of gods seriously.

No being can be regarded as perfect if it needs to be worshiped.

The perfect being, would by definition have no deficiency, therefore it would need nothing, and certainly have no need for worship".

Today we find ourselves still foolishly living life in a fantasy versus the realistic world. We have progressed in technology, but not in the acceptance of man as he truly is. It is difficult to give up a long history of superstition, fear, and unfounded guilt.

This has become a true social dilemma.

So mankind continues to point fingers at each other in judgment of one another, to appease a non existent, (or at least questionably existent), God that man concocted for their own justification for being in existence.

Individuals who struggle with fear and guilt imposed by their religions must learn to take control of, and responsibility for, their own lives, destinies, and fate, while visiting on this planet.

We must learn to see ourselves in a different light:

"We are NOT human beings going through a temporary spiritual experience, but rather we are spiritual beings going through a temporary human experience" (anon).

Putting "Blind Faith" in its proper place

Finding our own way

We all must do what we believe is right for ourselves, and respect the beliefs of others without interference or judgement, as long as those beliefs harm no one.......

There cannot be any deviations from this logic and still strive for peace and harmony.

It is the contradictions to this concept that is the sole basis for all social discord and unrest.

The decisions we make for our own lives, and our children's lives, are ours to make and ours alone - without impinging those decisions on the lives of others.

And yet that comment is, in itself, totally contradictory if we impose our religious beliefs on our children before they reach their age of reasoning. For by doing so, we have stolen their right to make personal decisions from them, and replaced those rights with our own beliefs.

No words of intimidation, or threats from another person, should have any kind of influence on our personal decisions.

Basic instincts:

We all know instinctively what is right, and what is wrong, for ourselves.

We just need to find the strength to pursue our own life's dreams, and not those projected upon us by another person, persons, or groups.

Especially those of any organized religion, or any other kind of a cult, whose sole purpose is to keep us mesmerized with guilt and fear, totally under their spell, and under their control.

No one should be pressured into joining, or remaining in, a cult that makes them feel discomfort, fear, guilt, or negative in any way.

The fallen who fail to rise

When those who are so entrenched in their religion as to feel the need to pressure another person to join them; it is most certainly a trait of the brainwashing techniques that we condemn wholeheartedly.

These people are to be pitied and yet feared.

Their brainwashing has indoctrinated them so deeply into their cults/religions that they are very dangerous to others in society who do not conform to their beliefs.

It is a sickness in our society that there does not seem to be any remedy for in the near future.

When we, as supposedly "civilized" beings, see new cults arising that 'brainwash' their members into submission, we rebel against them as if they were the devil incarnate.

And, yet, is that not what "accepted" religions do every single day?

They start their indoctrination techniques on their innocent children from the time they are born until they are able to reach an age when they might escape the restrictive confines of their cult's brainwashing by distancing themselves from its influences.

Sadly enough most people never actually escape that influence. It is so deeply entrenched into their psyches.

Because of that deep entrenchment, they teach their own children the same nonsense for fear of retribution from their wrathful gods who are hungry for worship, vengeance and revenge.

The enemy of man's beliefs

The greatest enemy to these religious cults is education.

People who seek a higher education, whether formally or on their own, are less apt to be intimidated by their peers.

The majority of the educated have learned that those beliefs are falsely serendipitous by their very nature.

Educating one's self, gives a feeling of independence and helps to shed the influences of those who would hold individuals back to keep them as part of their own idiopathic attachment to their beliefs.

The 'dis-ease' of religion in a society is like a person suffering from obsessive compulsive behavior. They do repetitious things seemingly without reason, but that reason is that they have such a fear that if they do not do those repetitious things, some evil harm will certainly befall them.

The truth is that the evils they fear most, are assuredly, and solely, from within their own minds, and not from any outside source, or force.

When we are indoctrinated into any religious cult (all religions fall in this category) the brainwashing technique upon the minds of children before they have reached their age of reasoning is destructively devastating to their self esteem, self worth, self love, and self confidence. Especially when they begin to question the validity of those beliefs

They are overwhelmed with fear and guilt of reprisal from a non-existent 'god of wrath', or for even daring to question the validity of those beliefs that they have been forced to accept as truth.

There should never be any type of fear of a 'benevolent Creator', (if one has the need to believe in something that is greater than themselves).

However, having these beliefs precludes us from having to take any personal responsibility for our own actions:

i.e: (god told me to do it) or (the devil made me do it). Both of which seem to be acceptable scapegoats in today's world.

by d.william 04/11/2012

This is the Sound of My Soul

© 2012 d.william


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Here is a comment from a coward who chooses to send his comments to me personally via hubpages. This is the idiot that was the reason i wrote the hub about those cowardly idiots who respond to articles incongnito (or so he thinks). I would assume that his reaction to this and other of my articles is due to his limited ability to understand any kind of abstract thinking that is not connected to a cult:


      Cyrus Homesley (

      has sent you this message.

      (email address not verified)

      Your logical fallacies are indeed present to an intense degree where I cannot bear to explain lucidly. They are so atrocious that, right at this present moment, I’m laughing with intense gaiety. How could you waste your precious time posting such nonsense that even, pardon my unintellectual lexicon, a “hobo” could comprehend it? Well, in the meantime, I guess after I’m done laughing, I may as well consider the fact that you are only human and give you some peace of mind, but I haven’t finished laughing yet, so please be lavishly patient so I won’t criticize you even more. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO Okay, I’m done laughing. H4X0RS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for your comments. I am all for that suggestion. There are certainly enough of these delusional dolts commenting on their belief in their gods of their limited imaginations.

      The following comment is a personal email i got (via hubpages of course) from this idiot who thinks he speaks directly to God himself.

    • f_hruz profile image

      f_hruz 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Right on my friend!

      When I asked a person on here about her god delusion, she posted a nice long reply showing very clearly how delusional she really was - but concluded with an assertion that she was not ... :)

      My reply suggested she refocus on personal development, both, intellectually and emotionally instead of being stuck with her delusion for the rest of her life!

      How about we start some HubPages offering clinical delusion therapy to fellow Hubbers who may want to consider getting off the wagon?

      Franto in Toronto