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Today’s Sophy (part 10)

Updated on April 12, 2019
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After being someone who have literally followed Jesus' instructions Elijah can differentiate between what is Gods and what is Cesar's.


The Christ said give unto Cesar that which be Cesar’s and unto God that which be God’s. That brings to mind the question what is go's and what is Cesar's and an answer is required especially since it is considered that God is in everything and everything is in God.

Proceeding the foregoing quote reveals the leaders of Israel asking the Christ if they should pay taxes. In reply he asked them to produce a coin and upon doing so asked them whose inscription is on it. Cesar’s was the reply that caused him to make that statement. Today Cesar means the governmental systems during these last days of civilization where on every nation’s money there’s a photo of at least one leader of that nation.

It is because we need to know the difference in order to comply with those instructions we get our subject

What’s God’s and What’s Cesar’s

By my experience of being literally born again and have forsaken most of what civilization has to offer for becoming someone who has no place to lay his head, entered places and talk with the people without their knowing whence I came and whither I go unless ask I have found only a few similar people who appear to be doing it and almost none calls themselves Christians. My nearly 33 years of living those instructions is what inspired this piece.

There are people all over this nation confessing to be born again Christians who are richly dressed, lives in lavishly furnished houses, driving late model automobiles and have huge amounts of money invested in stocks and bonds with many still working in service for money. I've asked many for a testimony of their rebirth but none of them followed Paul's instructions where what is required is explained. Therefore Christian church, especially mega-churches Revelation calls Laodiceans, appears to have forgotten the dialog between that day's church and the messiah is my reason for this writing.

Thus our answer. The things made with the ability to replenish themselves are god's while the things that would disappear from existence if man didn't continue to produce them are Cesar's.

Why The Answer

As already said, God is in everything and everything is in God is the requirement for seeking the title’s answer because that explanation of where God is means money is I AM THAT I AM also, so why the Christ made that distinction requires comprehending creation.

God made man on the sixth day and woman [not a gender but type of mankind I'll used hereafter] the day after the day of rest, I call the eighth day, and neither had shame. After what is scripturally hidden as the intent of I AM THAT I AM to expel man from environmental living to cause our developing civilization and led us to produce what has turned into today's earth's conditions. So man began transforming I AM's creation into something other than what was once paradise for all things on earth. Because earth was formed for everything to be interdependent on everything else for maintaining themselves it was paradise.

Because of man's being evicted from paradise we began to use the other life types to comforter our coats of skin since our body's hair were removed. That led to today's man-made paradise that has made earth the Concrete and Asphalt Jungle we have. To sustain it man produced money as the means of keeping workers to maintain it with all of our stuff but money nor such maintenance was needed in I AM's paradise; the various being consuming each other maintained a balanced Eco System.

So, although God makes money through us by man's constantly coining and printing money it has no value to nor for the things God made with self-reproducing abilities. That's the reason Christ said give unto Cesar that which is Cesar's and unto God that that which be god's and explains why the answer to Today’s Sophy's topic is everything with the means of self-reproducing is God's and any and everything produced by the works of man are Cezar's.


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