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UFO Sightings in Texas: Reports of Recent UFO Sighting in Dallas and South Texas

Updated on September 5, 2014

Recent UFO Sightings

UFO sightings in Texas continue to increase as Texas remains one of our nations hot spots for UFO activity. Reports of UFO Sightings in Texas from Dallas to South Texas keep coming in. Not only are people filing sighting reports, they are getting some of these unusual craft on video and sharing there Dallas Texas UFO Sightings and South Texas UFO Sightings. While there is no clear reason for the increase in activity, some people blame it on our continued climate change and extreme weather. Below are a few of the recent UFO sightings.

Recent Dallas UFO Sightings

On October 20, 2011 at around 7:20pm, this amateur camera man caught on film a very bright orb in the night sky. In this Dallas, Texas UFO sightings video we can see what appears to be a military jet circling the orb. As the fighter jet moves further away from this glowing orb in the sky, the orb starts to follow the jet. This is truly good video of a UFO sighting in Dallas.

Triangle Dallas Texas UFO Sightings and in Fort Worth

A Triangle shaped UFO is reported to be flying over both Forth Worth and Dallas, Texas on May 22, 2010. Triangle shaped UFOs are one of the common reported UFO shapes. The person shot this video took the time to edit the video so it can be viewed in not only the original footage but also in grayscale, and negative effects to give us the best views of this Dallas Texas Ufo sightings video. This is a scary UFO Sighting in Dallas.

Recent Dancing Dallas Texas UFO Sightings

This is a long video of Dallas Texas UFO sightings on Febuary 28, 2011. These UFOs give quite a show by almost dancing around the Dallas sky. The uploader of this video adds techno music to match the strange dance of light in the sky above. The film quality is good however the camera mans hands are a bit shaky. If I was the one filming these UFO’s my hands would be shaking too.

Recent South Texas UFO Sightings in Killeen

In this video, a small group of people film mystery lights of the city of Killeen, Texas in 2011. These lights remain mostly stationary in the night sky while disappearing and then reappearing. Towards the end of this video those watching this recent South Texas UFO sightings mystery lights can be over heard discussing if the lights they are seeing are UFO or military flares. Killeen, Texas is home to a large army mounted tank division. While the lights are truly mysterious, it is possible they really are just flares

Laredo Mass South Texas UFO Sightings

August 23, 2011 there is a mass UFO sighting over south Laredo, Texas along the Texas/Mexico border. This video is from a NBC news affiliate in Laredo. This is the second night this south Texas UFO sightings are seen in the same area. Airport officials claim there while there were no flights coming in or leaving the Laredo airport, there were flights in the area. UFO Sightings in Texas along the Texas/Mexico border have dramatically increased in recent months. Some say they are military aircraft patrolling the border, others that the lights are in fact UFO ships perhaps interested in the conflicts along the border.

South Texas UFO Sightings in Ballinger.

In the small town of Ballinger, Texas residents were woken up to the thunderous sound of an explosion. What they saw in the night sky are several UFOs moving across the sky. These UFO sightings in Texas are reported across an eight mile area around Ballinger. Although there was the sound of an explosion, no signs of an actual explosion are found in the area of the lights. This is truly a mystery South Texas UFO Sightings.


From Dallas to South Texas, these videos are only a small selection of the many recent UFO Sightings in Texas. Some of these videos seem to show a true mystery in the night sky. Others may simply be military flares being dropped. There are many sites for UFO Research on the net that allow people to report suspected Dallas UFO Sightings, South Texas UFO Sightings and sightings from around the nation and world. In my opinion, the truth about what is up in the sky is only what we choose to believe.


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    • crazycatman profile image

      crazycatman 6 years ago from Dallas, TX

      @Alastar Thanks for the comments. I have a "funny" theory that the increase in UFO Sightings has to do with Alien sightseeing tours! Our world's climate is changing, our politics are very dynamic, and there seems to be lots of small wars across the world along with some bigger ones. Might be fun for some Aliens to see how a less advanced world works.

      @Acheolis Thanks to you too! I'm hoping to find some more info about this topic and write some more.

    • Acheolis profile image

      Acheolis 6 years ago from USA

      Wow this is interesting. Wish more people would post on this kind of stuff. Great job!

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Intriguing updates and video from Texas UFO sightings this year Crazycatman. The Lone Star State is definitely a hot spot. Wonder if those Mexican fleets show up over the border if it'll still be what we choose to believe up in the sky, or as the incredulous fellow said in the Laredo vid...not by a long shot.