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Using the Power of Man To Glorify the Power of God

Updated on April 9, 2011
Steve McGranahan
Steve McGranahan

A monster of a man steps on the stage....

 The audience sit in awe as this behemoth of a man rolls a frying pan like a tortilla. He than rips the large LA phone book in half as if it were a wet napkin. The crowd stares in disbelief while this muscle bound man with 22 inch arms bends a horse shoe into a metal heart. The crowd grow silent as he begins to explain the heart.

Suddenly tears stream down this gentle giant's cheeks as he explains the power of God and God's love to the audience and just how important that transformation from horse shoe to heart really is. He tells the viewers that without God in his life he would not even have strength to leave his bed every morning yet alone bend metal and rip apart phone books. This remarkable human being is Steve McGranahan, and he lives everyday putting God first.

I have seen that guy...

 Most people recognise Steve from Bill Engvall's popular CMT show "Country Fried Videos" where he demonstrates his epic ability as the World's Strongest Redneck. Steve not only acts as a regular on that show but has appeared on numerous programs and every time he goes he makes a positive affect on everyone he meets. Steve's unbridled power is only matched by his keen sense of humor and his supreme devotion to his faith. He has a distinctive passion for serving the Lord.

Humble beginnings

At age 16 Steve managed to amaze his gym buddies by lifting the back end of a car without really breaking a sweat. It was than Steve knew he was given a gift, but little did he know how it would be used in his life. God was working a master plan for this young strong man that would take him to the bottom of the barrel and then right back to the top.

Steve grew up in a christian home. He had a praying family. Life was not always good for him though. One evening his father left to go to the store and bring back some bread and never returned. Steve's mom would work to support her family. He grew up in the projects and saw many hardships around him.

As an adult Steve took a job as a security guard. He worked there for 5 and a half years. It was there that Steve learned first hand about the choices that kids make and the consequences they hold. He often speaks of young rappers and musicians who will never be heard because they let the world guide their ways and failed to give God the glory for their talents. "I respected them and treated them like human beings instead of like thrown away kids." Steve often exclaims. He wanted to be a role model for kids that might steer them away from the choices that lead to prison or worse death.

A look at Steve's walk in faith

 Steve would come to know Christ as his saviour during his college years.  He started to feel as if nothing had changed. People taunted him before he was saved and still after giving his life to God the taunts continued. After 2 years Steve stepped out on faith and returned to a very dangerous life style. He began drinking again and one night decided to get behind the wheel of a car. This would prove to be a turning point in his life he would never see coming.

He hit a fellow driver head on. As he stumbled out of his car, glad to be alive he called out to Jesus. He made the commitment to rededicate himself and pay thanks for being able to survive.

As he rode in the back of a cop car he was informed the woman he had struck died in the ambulance. Steve's heart sunk deep and he thought about what he had done. Later he would learn the woman had not died but needed over 8 hours of intensive surgery to fix the facial damage she had suffered in the accident.

A spiritual 2x4

 "God used the accident as a spiritual 2x4 across my forehead" Steve explains. "to bring me back into the reality of what God wanted in my life". Steve was once again on the straight and narrow path.

In 1999 Steve created Heaven Bent Ministry. He gave up his job and began to put his entire life into the hands of the Lord. He traveled near and far speaking to all who would listen. Churches, gymnasiums, schools, and veteran hospitals all saw this gentle giant come through to testify to the undeniable love of God. Steve goes where the Lord takes him and never fails to give the praise and glory to the one who made him.

The role model

 Steve has gone down in history breaking records, he is a TV celebrity, and he will be the first to tell you that all fails to compare to the ultimate goal. Steve knows he has a mansion waiting in paradise, and he wants to bring as many people to that truth as he can. He uses the gifts that God gave him to showcase what God can do if we simply trust in him. He is the world's strongest redneck second, and a child of God first.


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