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Should we judge others by their political or religious affiliations?

Updated on January 23, 2016

Are we distinct individuals or drones?

Seeing is not always believing. We see ourselves differently than others see us
Seeing is not always believing. We see ourselves differently than others see us
drones in a hive
drones in a hive
standing out in a crowd is OK
standing out in a crowd is OK | Source

Defining humans:

Humanity must re-define itself and look more closely at those who choose to pass judgment on other people.

The questions we will explore and hope to find answers for are:

1. Why are humans addicted to delusional beliefs and behaviors?

2. Is there a cure for these delusions?

3. What really defines us as individuals?

Some things actually do define us: some things don't.

It is up to the individual to ascertain what does, does not, should, or should not define us as individuals.

Many people do not have the capacity to do so.

In a society that lacks respect for each other, It is not a matter of individual interpretation any more. Nor is it a matter of "freedom of speech" that allows people to judge, disrespect, and spew hatred toward those that do not believe as we do.

The concept of being "politically correct" is more important than ever to maintain peace and civility within our society. And this is especially true on a global scale.

How we define others

Some things do not need to be studied, debated, or evaluated (examined) to "prove" who we are as a person and/or what is simply unfettered ignorance in judgmental behavior versus what is logical and factual.

For instance: we cannot define, or judge, a person

  • by the color of their skin,
  • whether they are obese or appear emaciated,
  • what country they are born in,
  • what their financial status is,
  • their choice of careers,
  • gender,
  • age,
  • state of health,
  • sexual orientation,
  • or ''physical'' characteristics we are born with,

just to name a few.

In other words, we cannot judge anyone by anything that a person is that there was no choice in being, and that which cannot be changed, or considered a "choice" in life.

We can , however, categorize others by the choices they make when they chose to hate and judge others for any reason, and rightly so. (bigotry)

For anyone to take a stance on any personal choice issue regarding values, morality, political views and/or religious affiliations that is accepted blindly without rationality or without at least making a concerted effort to learn and evaluate a different point of view, is certainly a definitive characteristic of that individual and that does merit scrutiny by others.

Ignorance, narrow mindedness, bigotry, intolerance, hatred and antiquated religious views are choices we make and are inexcusable.

Inexcusable behavior

Narrow mindedness is not a virtue. To be educated enough to make informed judgments on societal behaviors we must have a well rounded perspective on life itself.

For example, to be able to put things in their proper perspective it is imperative to train ourselves to watch a variety of news programs that include: Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Link TV, FSTV (free speech t.v.), PBS, BBC, Headline News, ABC, NBC, and CBS.

These news stations all offer something different; ranging from local news to world view news, independent views, and extreme hard conservative right, or left liberal, political views.

What is inexcusable today is:

A. for anyone to watch one station, with one point of view and then judge the world through these slanted and biased views, and hold them as gospel.

Unless that viewer is watching a news station that is NOT biased and gives points of view from both sides, including local and world views.

Otherwise the wrong information will be forming our opinions and enhancing the rift between people in general, as is happening today in our politics, and perpetuated by many of the pseudo 'news' stations.

B. The same goes for religious views.

There are a vast number of religions, many of which possess extreme views that harm people, discolor reality, preach hatred and intolerance, and promote societal discord.

We cannot afford to follow one religion blindly anymore.

This is a large, complex, and yet a small world; and individual religions have their own agendas and they are not in the business of 'soul saving' anymore.

They are nothing more than freeloading business enterprises that demand limitless representation without taxation and inappropriately trying incessantly to control the lives of others through intolerance and discord.

Judged by one's speech

Some people can be judged immediately by the first words that come out of their mouths when you meet them.

It is true that we can judge people by what comes out of their mouths, but not what goes into them.

These are a few of the most irritating comments from people who we meet for the first time.

  • I am a Christian
  • Are you a Christian?
  • I am a conservative
  • Are you a "liberal" ? (with an notable inflection on the word 'liberal' that connotes something evil)
  • What church do you belong to?
  • What religion are you?
  • Are you republican or democrat?
  • There are many more that are more "colorful" and more "distasteful" that i won't subject you to at this time.

The point here is that these types of questions we are asked when first meeting people, definitively and immediately "define" the person asking them.

These are the narrow minded, disingenuous, ill informed, biased, uneducated and dangerous people; and must be avoided for personal safety reasons, unless, of course, one is of the same mindset.

Lack of education in this country is appalling, and another inexcusable trait. There is no excuse for biased opinions, based on lack of information when contrasting information is so readily at hand via t.v. and the world wide web.

Having discovered that after observing and evaluating all news stations there is only one single news station that is from a totally different reality and genuinely out of sync with the rest of the intelligent world. It is impossible to understand the motives behind it. There are few things that are actually consider as evil and destructive in society, but Fox network (NEWS) is at the top of that short list.

It is not just one commentator that is bizarre, it is the sum total of all of them, that appear to be from a totally different planet than the rest of us live on.

Those who get their news strictly from Fox News network are the same mentality as the die hard religiously brainwashed population.

It is amusing, disturbing, and extremely frightening, all at the same time.

When you see politicians who get all their information from FOX network, and bring those slanted views into our Government 'for the people', it scares the bejesus out of any sane minded person.

A country run by these extreme conservative right wing nuts, who also possess the brainwashed indoctrination of fanatical religious beliefs, are a formidable lot who seem not to be from this planet, let alone running a country.

We, as a nation, are in for some tedious and trying times, if the radicals are allowed to take over this great country of ours.

Drawing a line

I will take a radical "liberal" any day, over their radical so called "conservative" counterparts.

Delusional beliefs lead to dangerous and destructive behaviors in any society.

The one and only solution, or cure, for this "dis-ease" in society is progressive education - not regressive teachings.

Diversity must be recognized as part of our human existence, and judging others for being different must be conscientiously discarded.

by: d.william 05/21/2012

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