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What Do Leap Seconds and UFOs Have in Common?

Updated on March 29, 2015
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MUFON UFO Journal author (March 1995, June 1996). Self published on UFO Window website from 1997 to 2002. Hubpages articles began late 2011.

The Extraterrestrial Highway in Rachel, Nevada.
The Extraterrestrial Highway in Rachel, Nevada. | Source

A Leap In Time...

First of all, let me explain what the leap second is about. Probably since the planet Earth had a Moon, the day has lengthened due to the effects of tidal forces. Over the course of many ages, as the Moon grew closer to the earth in its orbit, the time of a day has slowed even more. There is scientific evidence that 620 million years ago the day was more than 2 hours shorter.

Those assigned the task of keeping worldwide atomic clocks in synch with the length of a day based on the orbit of the earth around the sun instead of the old, less reliable method of a full rotation of the earth, enacted the leap second in 1972 when they added 10 seconds to make up for the amount that things had slowed down since 1958. For the period from 1958 to the present, 34 seconds have been added to keep time used for precise calculations accurate.

Interestingly, I have discovered that there is a longer day that a large number of the better UFO sightings seem to follow. The UFO day is about 30 minutes longer than our regular one (or between 3 and 4 hours more each week).

My regular theory about most UFOs is that they come from a usually unseen higher dimensional plain. That does not necessarily mean that they come from a different part of the universe. They could be sharing our planet and only reveal themselves when they want or when anomalous natural phenomena brings them out in the open in an unscheduled manner.

When I refined two peak UFO sightings day cycles (discussed in a prior hub) and noticed that they were both longer than our usual period of time counting, it wasn't long afterwards that I began considering another theory that many UFOs could be representing time travelers from our future. If one takes the number of seconds in the period that peaks more frequently (or 60 times the roughly 30 minutes more per day) and divide that by the average number of seconds adjusted by leap seconds annually (0.62963), one gets about 3,000 years. Could UFOs of the strangest and most credible kind originate from that length of time in our future?

The other UFO sightings day cycle, since it is much closer in time to our 24 hour day (it is roughly 1.5 minutes longer) would seem to indicate another source for the sightings, perhaps our own advanced technology from around 150 years in the future.

These proposed possibilities may explain why there are two main shapes of UFOs, the triangles (perhaps our own technology of the future) and the disks, saucers, eggs or spheres (alien technology). Also, often in the case of abduction reports, human like beings are seen alongside aliens. Could humans be in a future alliance with alien beings in our near future? It may also be possible that some humans from our present might have crossed over and, after abduction episodes, decided that they would rather stay with the aliens from 3000 years in the future than with the humans in our present.

Another hub of mine relates to this one. In it I examine three out of the better UFO encounters as seen through the eyes of the witnesses and the looking glass of astrology (the hub is under that topic). What they all have in common are: high strangeness, high credibility, and occurring during a peak of one or more of the UFO sightings cycles (at least the one that peaks a day later every 1.5 months). To give you a taste, I am including one such case (that occurred on or very close to a peak day for both UFO sightings day cycles). Most people interested in the subject of UFOs are aware of the subject of missing time where someone is apparently abducted and returned to their original location without them consciously remembering the event, but then realizing later that an hour or more was unaccounted for. This case relates to that but has a bizarre twist that includes apparent time travel. To read about this unusual event follow this link at UFOINFO ("On this Day" compiled by Donald A. Johnson, caretaker of the UFOCAT database) and scroll down to the year 1977. You can find my other hub relating to this one right here on hubpages under the title Bad Moon Rising.


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