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What If Today "Was Your Last Day"

Updated on May 12, 2016

What if you were awaken this morning, by an Angel standing at the foot of your bed.

And for reasons untold to him, he was sent to tell you that "Today, May Be Your Last Day."


Those smiles that you see every morning at the breakfast table...would you put a few more chocolate chips in those pancakes for your small, as well as "big" kids Mickey Mouse pancakes?

Would you wish children well, urge them to do their best in school, kiss them and hug them an extra minute longer?

As your husband leaves for work, instead of saying to your self... peace and quiet finally!

Or - I can't wait to see his face again?

As the kids get on the bus, instead of saying I finally got a break from those brats - you'd shout - I love you guys, do your best!

And instead of seeking "entertainment" from the computer - surprise them all by making cupcakes with little hearts on them?


Instead of shouting goodbye to your wife as you walk out the door - you'd kiss her like you did the first time you met?

And even though that woman at the office is attractive and no one would ever know if you had an affair - you'd say - I love my family more?

Who knew that even a bad day at the golf course can't compare to a good day of rollin' around with your children!

A Typical Friday Morning...

One Friday morning, my mom woke up and probably did the following;

made my dad his lunch and got him off to work...

fed me, my sister, my brother and put us on the bus...

maybe did a load or two of clothes...

straightened up the house...

And went to work...

She never knew that in approximately 11 hours, she would be in a traffic accident and her life would be changed for ever.

While my dad was at work that day, he did not know that he would be spending years caring for my mom, praying she'd get better.

Us kids never knew while at school, how close to death mom would come and how our lives as well would be affected.


Instead of going through the motions, sincerely make sure every single student understands what it is that you are teaching them?


Stick to the guide lines that He has laid out for us to follow and be passionate when spreading His Word.


Would you do more research in trying to find a way to help your patient , instead of handing out a prescription or just cutting them up!

My dad was diagnosed with having 2 bad heart valves and they needed to be replaced immediately. The surgeon who was scheduled to do the surgery, for some reason known only by God, before he cut into my father, decided to verify that test. He found that there was nothing wrong with his heart valves and canceled the surgery!

He could've said, well if I don't do this I'm out approximately $100,000 in billing hours? But he didn't. And as he told me this story, looking at my father with dozens of wires connected to his body, I thanked this Doctor, saying that I was eternally grateful for truly - helping my dad.


Instead of dealing drugs and participating in various types of violent behavior - would you help your brother, sister, mother, father and your neighborhood by spreading LOVE *


WOULD YOU LOOK AT EVERY POSSIBILITY, EVERY ANGLE, EVERY PIECE OF EVIDENCE, before you put your cuffs on someone and put them in jail?


Would you look at all details, all scenarios before you assume who's telling the truth and who isn't? And listen, really listen to all parties, to establish the truth? Because that expression " The Truth Shall Set You Free" ? Is BULL! Once again, your job is getting at the truth, not how many people's lives you screw up to make a name for yourself.


Instead of wondering what kind of kick back you could get by passing a bill, you pass the one that does the most good for all?

Mr. President...

Would you say and do things, a lot of things, DIFFERENTLY?

(Ladies, would you let your husbands get away with this? What a jerk.)


Would you develop your economy and utilize your natural resource's for the benefit of your people - instead of those with Military delusions?



Please click on the link below...enlarge it...turn up the volume...


It's everybody's home...

Let's take care of it, let's take care of each other*


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    • LouTucci profile image

      LouTucci 5 years ago

      Dear Shelley, thank you so much for your feedback! This actually came about as the result of a very close friend of mine, that had told me her sister had - pretty much unexpectedly - passed away. I started to think, what if "maybe today was my last day"? Would I do things differently? It's not out of fear Shelley as much as it is - LIVING OUR LIVES THE WAY WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE LIVING THEM, the way God intended us to.

    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 5 years ago

      Hi Lou, If we knew it was our last day, how much more attentive, mindful and loving would we be? Sometimes I think it would be nice to know so we could in fact say goodbye and say the right things to those we love. Voted up!

    • barryrutherford profile image

      Barry Rutherford 5 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Great read thanks for posting this !