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Who need miracles - We need miracles

Updated on November 24, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

Who need miracles?

I was pondering on the question, who need miracles? If you live a life that fulfill the conditions of God, he will take care of you. We know about Job. He was righteous and faithful. God protected him and blessed him with good health and wealth. He was prominent in his society. He was wealthy and did not need any miracles in his life.

I think he had enough money and influence in getting admission for his children in the best institution. I hope he was in good shape and health. Far away from pain or aches. So he did not need a miraculous cure. (Except when God allowed Satan to touch Job) I imagine when he was in good shape and health and wealth, he did not need a miracle in his life.

Then who need miracles

In short, those who are not blessed by God needs miracles. They are in pain, they are in scarcity, they are in want. They need a miracle to go ahead. They want that admission in that institution in a miraculous way because they are not qualified. If they were qualified, naturally they will get the admission. There no question of a miracle. They need that job in a miraculous way because they are not qualified for it. If you qualified and experienced, there is no need for a miracle. Naturally, you will get that job. If you are the best, there is no need for a miracle. The people who are not blessed by God and live in sin need the intervention of God to move forward.

Now let us put away that part. When we need God badly, we come to God. Our relationship with God is based on our need. That is the problem. If we have a constant relation with God, God will take care of your needs. Yes, I need a miracle. Because I am not blessed by God. I lived in sin. I was doing unlawful deeds in my life. I want to change. I want to live according to God's will. Just like Job lived. I want to put my every effort to live a Godly life.

David says, if God is my Shepard, "Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life" (Ps. 23:6) What a blessed assurance. If we follow God and fulfill his will, He will protect us from the hands of Satan. He will bless us with abundance. Following God is the key to blessings.

We love our children. Even if they are mindless of their food and shelter, we prepare food and shelter for them. We are mindful of cloths to protect them from summer and winter climate. We provide for them as much as we can. We build good rooms for them. We take care of every need of them. Just as we take care of every need of our children, God is there to take care of our need.

If your child goes away from you and refuses your protection and providence, you are helpless. You cannot help them. Just like that when we try to take care of ourselves and refuse the protection of God, we are in trouble. Just like our children find it is difficult to obey their parents, we find it difficult to obey God. We know we would not put a hard and fast law for our children. We just want them to obey us. We want them to study. We want them to obey us. We want them to go to bed by 10.00pm. We know these rules are simple, affordable and beneficial for our children. When they are sick, we tell them to take rest. We love them and take care of them.

Just like that our loving God is kind and his laws are easy and light. Mathew 11:30 says For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Still, we find it heavy and looking for a lighter and easy one. Just like our children do. Just like we did to our parents. Now we know our parents did not put a heavy yoke in our shoulders. Still, we find it difficult when we were under their care.

We are not asking our children to take that 70kg sack of grain to home. We are not asking them to plow the land. We are not asking such a thing which they are not able to do. We are asking them to study well. Do their homework. Clean themselves. etc. Still, they find it heavy and offending. We know we were in the same boat.

Now I hope you understand that the yoke we are holding is very light and easy. God is telling us, do not lie, do not steal, do not murder etc. These commandments are very easy to follow. Isn't it? Let us take a decision to take up that light and easy yoke and follow Jesus. Because it is beneficial for us. It is easy. It will be a joy to be with Jesus. And above all, his protection and providence will follow all through the life. Just like our parents helped and guide us, our God is there to help and guide us. Then life would be easy and full of happiness and joy. Don't you like that?

If you have everything you need, then you won't be expecting any miracle.

How miracles happens ?

Suppose, if your child is not obeying you. Not studying well. He did not have the marks to get the admission for his higher studies on merit. But you loved him and you paid money for a seat in that prestigious college for your child, it is a miracle for your child. He was not worthy for that admission, still, you bought it for him out of love. It is a miracle. Your child needed it to be happy and continue with his life.

That is what happens in our life. When we do not deserve something and God gives it to us out of his love, it is a miracle. It is much needed to boost our hope to live in this world. When we receive it, we are happy. Isn't it amazing? We love to have such miracles. We pray for miracles and it happens. If you are not physically well and pray for a cure, it happens. You are not deserving it, but God grant it to make you feel happy.

Now you know who need the miracle. Why you need the miracle and how it happens. Out of love, God performs miracles.

Many blessings

How to get your miracle.

You learned that a miracle is a gift from God out of love and not a merit. If something given you as a merit, it is not a miracle. You earned it. You deserve it and you inherit it. But when you do not deserve it, and given as a gift out of love, then you can call it a miracle.

To get that miracle, you have to come to God just like the prodigal son return to his father. He understands that he did the mistake. He understands that he is not worthy to be called as a Son. He sold out his son-ship for his own pleasures. He never gives a thought about his father's expectation.

He squandered his wealth in worldly pleasures. Now he is a zero. He is not deserved to get something like a son. There is no merit to claim. He came to his sense and he apologized to his father and to God. And just asked the father to treat him as one of his servants. Because he is not able to find food for himself. At the same time in his father's house, servants had more than enough food. He needed a miracle now. He wants his father to treat him as a servant. A position of a servant.

But the father loved him so much. His father did not want to see him as a servant. He restored his position as a son. Out of love the father did this. It was a miracle for the son. He just asked for a job as a servant. He wanted a position of servant. But he got the son-ship back. It is a miracle to him. He needed it badly. And he got it. He is happy now. Amazing grace! God's Love!!

If you want a miracle, just return to where you went wrong. Ask for forgiveness from God and men. God will do miracles in your life. If you are away from God and refused his protection and provision, return to him and ask for forgiveness. God will restore your position. He will protect you and provide you for all your needs. He will do miracles in your life.

May God bless you.


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