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You can easily create effective positive affirmations.

Updated on December 11, 2009

Throughout our lives, we have all heard the same thing hundreds of times, "You just have to think positive." Unfortunately, just thinking positive isn't going to bring home the trophy. I'm sure the optimist in all of us has made us buy in to this theory of "Just think positive" far too many times to only end up disappointed. You want to go on vacation by the end of the year, but that would require saving up some extra cash over the next few months. But you want this vacation so much, you need this vacation so badly,you are willing to make some sacrifices and come up with some extra ways to save the cash. As you begin to try to figure out exactly how you are going to save up this money, you remember those wise words, "You just have to think positive." That's it you think! It seems to work for everyone else, so you think "why not, I'll give it a shot!"

So you run around the next few months thinking to yourself, no matter what happens, I know I can do it. I know I can save the money. I know I will have enough money to go on the trip. And, as it always does, the time flies by and before you know it, it's time to start packing for your trip that you don't have the money to take.

So why on earth didn't all that positive thinking stuff work for you? You gave it your best, even when your car needed repairs and you couldn't pay the mortgage on time, you still kept telling yourself, "I will come up with the money to take that vacation." But lo and behold, here you sit another year, dreaming of white sandy beaches as you grab the snow shovel and make your way out to clear the driveway for the third time this week.

Positive thinking is great, but as we are all to familiar with stories and experiences such as that written above, it's not enough. Incorporating the use of AFFIRMATIONS is key in turning your dreams, goals and desires in to your reality.

An affirmation is a statement that describes a goal or desire in it's completed state. There is important criteria in creating an effective affirmation. If you follow the steps below, and begin using your affirmations regularly (and correctly) you should see changes begin to take place in your life very quickly.

Guidelines for Creating Effecitve Affirmations

  1. Always start with the words, I AM. These two little words are incredibly powerful. The subconscious mind considers any sentence starting with the words I AM as an order. These two words actually tell your subconscious mind, "Hey, listen up, this is how it is." Your subconscious mind responds, "Well, if that is the way it is, I better get busy and start making sure that actually is the way it is!" and it begins to make things happen. Using I AM is like giving a direct order to your subconscious mind to 'make it happen.'

  • Be clear about when you want it to happen. Do you want this thing to happen in the past or sometime a few years in the future? No. You want it to happen now. This is what you want right now. In the present. Make sure you always use the present tense in your directives to your subconscious mind.

Incorrect: I am going to get a new black Corvette. (Someday)

Correct: I am enjoying driving my new black Corvette. (NOW!)

  • State what you want, not what you don't want. This is the most common mistake people make when creating and using their affirmations. You need to be sure that your statement is in the positive. The subconscious mind does not understand the word "no" or forms of the word "no" such as don't, isn't, won't, can't, etc. So the statement, "Don't break the glass" is heard as "Break the glass." Our subconscious mind thinks in pictures and processes things according to those pictures. The words "Don't break the glass" evoke a picture of breaking the glass. This statement expresses what you don't want to happen. You need to make sure you are expressing what you do want to happen.

          Incorrect: I am no longer afraid of riding a motorcycle.

       Correct: I am enjoying the thrill of riding a motorcycle.

  • Be Brief about it! Pretend your affirmation is a catchy little jingle for an advertisement and each word is costing you $10,000. Of course you are worth the investment, but would you really have $10,000 for each word you used?  Your affirmation needs to be memorable, but short enough to be easily remembered.

  • Be specific! Ambiguous affirmations will not get you exactly what you want.

Incorrect: I am driving my new car.

Correct: I am driving my new, black, 2010 Corvette ZR1.

  • Use 'ing'- ending action words. The 'ing'- ending action verbs evoke and add power to the picture in your subconscious mind of doing it now! And that is when you want this to happen, right? You want a better life now, right? You want love now, right? You want a new house or a car now, right? Of course you do! If you didn't want it now, you wouldn't be thinking about it now!

  • Include highpowered emotions or feeling words. You want to use at least one word that defines the emotional state you would be feeling if you reached the goal. Emotions are the force that supercharge all your positive thinking. Of course you want to use positive emotions. Some words you could use would be enjoying, joyfully, happily, celebrating, proudly, calmly, lovingly, securely and triumphantly.

          Incorrect: I am maintaining my perfect body weight of 178 pounds.

       Correct: I am feeling healthy and great at 178!

  • Make it catchy! This isn't necessary, but it is helpful! Say the "Correct" sentence in the samples above out loud.  "I feel healthy and great at 178!"   Hear how catchy that is? The subconscious mind loves rhythm and rhymes! That is why it is easy for us to remember those things. This way of phrasing things has been used over the years to help learn and remember. We all remember, "Sticks and stone will break my bones, but names will never hurt me." or how about "I before E except after C, and when sounded like A as in neighbor and weigh." So although this isn't necessary, I recommend using them when possible because they are very helpful!

  • Affirm for yourself, not others. If the affirmation is in regards to a situation with another person that you are trying to change, make sure the affirmation targets you and not the other person.

          Incorrect: I am watching Billy clean his room.

          Correct: I am effectively communicating my needs and desires to Billy.

  • Include, "Or something better."  When you are affirming to get something specific such as a job, or home or a husband, always include the words "Or something (someone) better."  The criteria forming the idea of what we want comes from our ego or from our limited experiences.  Sometimes there is something or someone far better available to us than we could have imagined.  So state what you want but don't forget to include "Or something better."

Now Put Them to Good Use!

Now that you have your affirmations written out according to the guidelines above you are ready to begin using them. You should repeat the affirmations one to three times daily. Make sure you do this regularly if you want success. The best times to read them are first thing in the morning to set the tone for your day, in the middle of the day to remind your subconscious mind of the job at hand and last thing at night before going to bed to give your subconscious mind something to work on while you sleep. (Your subconscious mind never sleeps.)

It's best if you can be alone and relaxed and say the affirmations out loud. If this isn't possible, saying them to yourself is better than not saying them at all. Close your eyes and visualize yourself being or having that which the affirmation describes. Picture it from inside yourself looking around and experiencing what is happening, not as if you were watching a movie of yourself experiencing it. Add important people in your life. Hear them congratulating you and shaking your hand or patting you on the back while they tell you how happy they are for your success. Hear the sounds around you and feel the feelings and emotions you will feel when you have your desire. The stronger the feelings are the more powerful this process will be. If you have difficulty creating those feelings, you can affirm for that by saying, "I am enjoying easily creating powerful feelings in my effective process of affirming." Once you finish with the affirmation, repeat it to yourself in the same manner before moving on to the next.

With practice and persistence, you will achieve success! Best of luck to you!


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    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      An excellent hub, thank you. I also believe in positive affirmation and the information here has added valuable knowledge using psychologically sound methods. Great work!

    • anglfire693 profile image

      anglfire693 7 years ago from Detroit, Michigan

      Thank you =)

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Although I do believe in Affirmations,I've heard that you should be as specific as you can when doing so.For example;You may wish you had a million dollars.You may just get that million dollars,but,you may not be able to keep it.Call it karma,or just bad luck,but ,you might just lose that million dollars,because you,either don't deserve it,haven't done the work necessary in order to keep it,so ,it somehow slips through your hands,like water in a leaky bucket.I'm sure you've heard a few horror stories in the news about someone who won hundreds of millions of dollars in the lottery only to lose it,through their own actions.It's very easy to get yourself,sued for some stupid thing you've done,because of your superior attitude towards others,especially because you've won a lot of money.Then there's people who never had that much money and aren't money savey and imeadiately tells everyone listening as witnesses,that they are going to give half of their winnings to charity.One person ,did just that,and ended up with nothing,as he was not thinking about the fact that the state government takes half,right off the bat and then you have the federal government,that wants a huge chunk,and before you know it,you owe more than you won all because you were feeling charitable at the wrong moment in time.

      With the dollar being in such bad shape these days,If,I won a sum of money,I would imeadiately buy 24kt Gold coins as a hedge against inflation and other valuable items,as paper money may not be worth much in the near future.I might even buy into currencies from other countries that I know are more stable.All after paying the taxes of course.

    • anglfire693 profile image

      anglfire693 7 years ago from Detroit, Michigan

      Well loosing it part of the affirming process also. If you are worried about it, even if you are actually saying, "I'm going to lose this money" or if you are worried about it, you'll lose it. There are many parts to this process, affirmations just being one of the keys. I plan on writing more and more articles as time permits regarding the other elements and then putting them all together. But, God, The Life Principle, Karma, The Universe...whatever term you call it, requires certain things of requires faith, it requires doing good will to others, it requires being thankful, it requires living to your full potential, figuring out your purpose in life and living to fulfill that you make a very good could very well be's all up to each person to make that choice...very good point! Thank you!

    • spencerprint profile image

      spencerprint 7 years ago


      Incredible as it may seem, there may be scientific evidence to prove that positive thinkng works. New findings in Quantum Physics seem to suggest that we, and everything in the universe is connected. Previously it was thought that the quantum process was not involved at a biological level.

      This no longer the case, and scientist Popp suggests that it is involved in how DNA communicates. Thought may have affects on our environment & surroundings.

    • anglfire693 profile image

      anglfire693 7 years ago from Detroit, Michigan

      Hi Spencerprint! Thanks for the comments! I agree with you 100%!! Actually I have some hub ideas in mind revolving around quantum physics (theories & studies) but I literally have hundreds of topics written down in a notebook so who knows when I will get to them! It used to be that scientists believed that our minds changed and adapted to the world around us, now it's the opposite, the world around us changes and adapts according to our minds! It is incredible stuff! Extremely interesting! Thanks for your comment!

    • Wishing_Well profile image

      Wishing_Well 6 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Excellent and very well written! I am a great believer in positive affirmations. They rarely let me down if I truly focus on them. I found that the key is to start with the small stuff that is reasonably achievable. When you see them working for you it gives you the motivation to continue with them and make them a routine. I also find that if I practice gratitude, going through a list of things I am grateful for, just before my affirmations it puts me in a more positive frame of mind and the affirmations are more effective.

    • profile image

      Paris D'Aglion 5 years ago

      Affirmations absolutely work. The key is to hear our own self-talk. Self-deprecating talk is injurious. We should treat ourselves with the utmost respect and care. And most importantly, we should be acutely aware of our language and actions as we are constantly attracting exactly what we put out.

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