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Remember You are not Alone

Updated on September 13, 2014

It's true ...

Very often in our lives, we have felt isolated and separate from the world.

At these moments, we experience ourselves totally abandoned by everyone and everything.

Feelings of Isolation ?Not anymore.

Heart fully and absolutely honestly, this lens has been written and posted as a means for people to find some comfort and relief when undergoing heartbreaking moments of depression and isolation.

If you are in this hub, possibly you looking for a spiritual advice and remedy.

Whether you are feeling absolutely alone and totally isolated from the rest of the world, there is always a warm shelter,a gesture of Love and appreciation around you.

Remember that we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical reality that creates illusions including the feeling of non-wholeness and disruption from the Divine Source and Cosmic Consciousness.

When knowing the Truth ,then detrimental feelings of isolation and abandonment disappear .

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Article written and published

by author Katerina Kostaki

From series "The Light of the Dawn

The Effect of Butterfly
The Effect of Butterfly | Source

A Leap of Faith

Have you ever asked for spiritual treatment,when feeling isolated?

Share with us why you have or not having asked for Spiritual Treatment, Counseling ,Mentoring or other Remedies.

No fears,no insecurities.

Only heartfelt thoughts !

Mankind and Conventional Reality

Have you ever read my 25 things about me?In this short bio-lensographic lens, 25 short stories of mine re-present my slow motion advancement to this- still moving forwards and upwards- stage.

What happens to me is merely a copy and paste reality image for many people upon this Planet.

An idea is cultivated over centuries in our minds that Mankind who God created in His own image continues growing and developing holding the thought that it is on his own, isolated in a cold, dark Space, where only Space Matter lies and...the Unknown!

Misleading as well as Fear became part of Humans' Reality.

Unfortunately humans in a great percentage have not perceived what is precisely happening with their own life, for a human entity that resides in a three dimension can not comprehend factors acting beyond tangible and Conventional Reality.

This is precisely what humans have been conditioned to comprehend and act alike.

Tales from the Loop - A non-conventional and non-conspiratorial book!

One of the books that really enhanced my uplifted consciousness and supported me on my evolutionary Path was David's Icke book "Tales from the Loop" .

If you feel that this World is not what you've told it is ,let your intuition speak.

Tales from the Time Loop: The Most Comprehensive Expose of the Global Conspiracy Ever Written and All You Need to Know to Be Truly Free
Tales from the Time Loop: The Most Comprehensive Expose of the Global Conspiracy Ever Written and All You Need to Know to Be Truly Free

Book description on Amazon :Tales from the Time Loop is the most comprehensive book yet written about the global conspiracy that is now unfolding all around us. David Icke has been warning for well over a decade of the plan for a world fascist state, a global version of Nazi Germany, in which the people will be prisoners of a Big Brother dictatorship founded on the suppression of the most fundamental freedoms and total control and surveillance. Today there is a gathering awareness that he was right. People are realizing that Big Brother is no longer "coming" - he's here. Icke pulls together his fantastic wealth of accumulated knowledge to reveal the multi-levels of the fascist conspiracy. He begins in the "five-sense" world with a highly detailed exposure of the forces, methods and agenda behind the "war on terrorism," the invasion of Iraq and the planned conquest of the Middle East and elsewhere. He goes on to explore the other-dimensional connection to the "human" manipulators and then reveals how our sense of reality - what we think is "real" - is being implanted in our minds by the second while we believe we are thinking for ourselves.In early 2003, Icke had some amazing experiences in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil that revealed to him as never before that the world we think is "real" is only an illusion; a lucid and manipulated dream that he calls the "Matrix." In Tales from the Time Loop, he shares those experiences and details the scientific support for what he learned about the illusion we call daily life. Icke says that this section of the book is the most important work he has published. It is, he says, the knowledge that will set us free and take us home.


Ego and Spiritual nourishment

Human life is conditioned by a constant and complicated planning. We see, we hear, we comprehend whatever we are conditioned to do and as conditioned beings that's the exact way we function.

Humans are constantly opposite to a conceited ego that requests and desires all the time. This is the source from which needs and requirements derive and all of them constitute the foundation of an eternal conditioning.

By observing our needs we miss to nourish our soul.

The spiritual nourishment is mostly non existent for the majority of humans who neglect what they really should nourish while they give priority to material needs.

Life and Non-satisfaction

How long is this case going to last?

Sometime, dear friends, you feel empty and unsatisfied. Needs is replaced by other needs and the remaining needs by others.

By the end a nefarious circle prevails.

"The nefarious circle of non- satisfaction"

What is the reason that makes people feel isolated?

See results

If you liked the first Duel Debate (have you already replied it yet?),let's try this one!I would love to read your viewpoints as well .

Perhaps by opening our hearts we provide this world with invaluable energy and higher vibrations.

Is Money and Glory means to Happiness and the Path of Spiritual Growth?

Recommended Audiobook - by Shakti Gawain and Deepak Chopra

Soul & Relationship (Dialogues at the Chopra Center for Well Being)
Soul & Relationship (Dialogues at the Chopra Center for Well Being)

In this audio conversation, Deepak Chopra and Shakti Gawain explore relationships and what they tell us about ourselves. Chopra uses Vedanta's ancient wisdom to define the soul and relationship, while Gawain's insights stem from her expertise in personal growth and consciousness.


Detrimental thoughts and World Status

If your reply to the debate is Yes, then you must contemplate how many corruptible wars have taken place in the past few years.

How many victims we have counted up to date , because of explosive violence and abuse.

How much hunger and infelicity has expanded over people , whether they belong to non developed, under developed ,and developed world .

More and more people begin to worry about conditions of life acquiring ecological identity and Cosmic Consciousness.

Man is molded by Creator for a supreme cause.

"Living as an entity under a filled with stars sky, seeking that you sense as intuition, as a voice deriving from your heart, for soul is unchained from whatever pulls it down, while what she is craving for is advancement towards Divine ".

Spiritual Wisdom by Katerina Kostaki



Would you like me to share with you another great-great Truth?

Who ever starts walking along this path rapidly comprehends that he does no longer desire to give up.

Advancement becomes an imperative need.

Who could ever believe that we are absolutely alone, along this way towards Higher Good, compromising with inner research ?

Just consider yourself as a tiny, infinitely small mark, a little cell of an enormous Cosmic Ocean flooded by Intellectual Love.

Our Creator always embraces His children with affection and Love and accompanied by Forces of Light unlocks the Gates to Spiritual Advancement enlightening the path with Celestial Light .

Forces of Light are omnipresent, always close to us every moment and we should -no doubt- make our positive choices and thoughts.

Our thoughts when luminary will attract their equivalent, the Light of Truth!

Place your comments,your quests,your viewpoints ,but above all send me your feedback and let me know if this article of mine really helped you .

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    • seodress profile image

      seodress 4 years ago

      Useful lens.

    • profile image

      WWurpleW 5 years ago

      I believe love conquers all. It is hard to feel alone when you love and when you have those who love you. You are never alone! Thanks for the great lens that has opened my eyes a little more.

    • katerinakostaki profile image

      Katerina Kostaki 5 years ago from Athens,Greece

      @siobhanryan: thank you and welcome to my lens!

    • profile image

      lookupphonenumber 5 years ago

      Great lens! Many including will be benefited!

    • siobhanryan profile image

      siobhanryan 5 years ago

      Nice lens