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A Ghost I'll Always Remember

Updated on July 13, 2011

He lives here.

I did move out of my father's eventually and I am writing these stories as I remember them.

I moved to a little town in New Jersey called Keyport. I found us a great deal on this house. It was an old victorian style house with 3 bedrooms, bathroom upstairs and the downstairs sported a double wide entrance to the living room and pocket sliding doors into the dining room, and a room which was probably once a sitting room. The kitchen was an eat in kitchen and I had a nice big yard with an inground pool that was boarded up. I rented the place and the guy didnt want to do the work on the pool, so we left it. The first year we were there were uneventful. I always had a feeling that someone else was in the house but it wasnt strong. We were in the place for ten years. The house was old and always when something needed to be fixed it was just basically patched up. There was eventual rotting in the roof which caused major leaking , It was unbelieavable the damage that was happening. Finally the landlord was notified and when he could get someone downt there, they ripped up half the roof. They replaced most of the roof over my bedroom.

Now for the scary part. toward the end of the week I woke up at 3am. and I had an unsettling time going back to sleep. The next night I woke up again, 3am

I felt different. This time I dont know if this is the right explaination but the room felt heavy. The room suddendly looked like I couldnt see past my hand. It was so dark , and the air made it so you couldnt breath. I felt like someone was standing over me, I could see an image of a face. He looked to be about 45 or 50 years old, and he had dark wavy hair. It didnt quite make his shoulders. He looked very angry and I think he wanted to hit me. I was afraid to sit up, I rolled to the other side of the bed, I fell to the floor, and immediately stood up and ran downstairs, turned on the lights and wouldnt go back up there. I am not sure why I would put myself through this, I fell asleep everynight in my room and just about everynight he bothered me. He never said anything, he would just look at me with these really angry eyes and face and I think he actually enjoyed scaring the shit out of me, because I could swear he laughed....

I will tell you more about my friend, but at a later date, I have company coming over, and I have to get busy.

This is a true story... believe it , you are free, dont believe it you are free to believe that too,

but I'm writing these stories down so that someone knows it really happened.

Stay tuned because the next story involves what happened the day I broke my leg and how.



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