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Personal Code of Ethics

Updated on April 23, 2011

            My personal code of ethics is a collection of my ideas and philosophies that I find useful in my life. Somehow, my personal code of ethics has been influenced by life experiences which spurred me towards giving my best in any trying situation. In fact, these life experiences are valuable stepping stones that have given me insights into the real me. I exercise compassion to everyone and service to others has been my ultimate aim in life.

            I have been inclined to act according to these virtues. I think my personal code of ethics revolve around this because I am inclined to be truly involved in the lives of those who seek my help. I am able to help the person achieve some kind of change that he or she will regard as satisfying. This is the ultimate intended outcome of my help. Another code of ethic that I have evolved is my sense of perseverance. I have seen myself persevere in times of trials and I know that this is a trait that have seen me through all the struggles and which has developed in me a real understanding for people. Prioritizing this code of ethics will not be a problem as they interrelate with each other. I know that in order to become a truly caring person, I need to persevere despite the odds. Taking responsibility for my life involves self-management competency. Often, when things don’t go well, people tend to blame their difficulties on the situations in which they find themselves or on others. I have learned that effective self-management does not fall into this trap. Self-management competency includes integrity, ethical conduct and personal drive and resilience.

            Definitely, my friends and family has reinforced this personal code of ethics because they have sought me in many of the trial moments in their lives. I have responded well, I think, and that has also been verbally confirmed by most of them. I have been labeled this way, because my set of friends have grown and increased even if I had started as a shy person at the start.



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