Kind of wrote this out of no where...

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    LeSayne Novelposted 5 years ago

    By Lebogang Ramasodi
    Give God your heart and soul,
    no matter how old,
    for in His hands we are all one
    and Jesus died to be our plan B,
    Because if we put the Lord first,
    We'll never die of thirst,
    And since we wouldn't need any
    We'd never go hungry,
    And if we could just all believe,
    I can guarantee tomorrow we'd
    live free.
    But because this life is a game,
    Every single person is out there
    looking for fame,
    We've forgotten never to leave
    without packing Jesus in our bags,
    so in away our 'armour' is made of
    and I say this because we've build
    our foundations in the clouds and
    when it all comes tumbling down,
    we sit and wonder why we hit the
    Oh, but there is a plan,
    There is a better land,
    There is still He,
    Whom I choose to name Thee
    Although He doesn't really need,
    He is more than pleased to lead.
    Just as He 'forgives',
    we should learn to 'give',
    because it's the small things that
    are usually taken for granted.
    Until you're down for more than a