One then Twelve Then Seventy Two

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    jacharlessposted 5 years ago

    Here is something often overlooked in the text, found in the Lucian Testimony.
    It first depicts Moshiach going from town to town. Then shortly after meeting with Yon's assistants, commissions the Twelve to go ahead of him, doing the same exact works he did. After their return, commissions an additional seventy two -in teams of two- to go ahead of him as well, doing exactly the same works.

    Looking at the ancient map of Israel gives interesting indication of where they all went. I mean, the country is about 400km length x 14 to 112km width , almost exactly the same size as the State of New Jersey and packed with people. I get this image of little villages, like countryside Russia, for some reason. And dotted along the way larger metro areas,  then ultimately the suburbs and main city of Jerusalem, where the more affluent lived.

    84 people given authority and power long before the Events took place. If any prophet hunters are out there, is such thing linked to prophetic mentions? Apart from this, what do you make of its purpose?


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      Ericdierkerposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      This is a really good question. Although many Christians try to avoid the mystic numerology of the Biblical times, the presence is palpable. I think it is Revelation chapter 21 that just lays out the heaviness of 12. If you were writing at the time I suppose you would want the number 12 used as often as you could. And if you were Jesus and God why not use it for the symbology. (it just hit me - 12 was a keyWord for the time)