Church vs. Science

  1. exphoebe profile image72
    exphoebeposted 4 years ago

    Robert Green Ingersoll said in 1879: "The time must come when churches and cathedrals will be dedicated to the use of man; when minister and priest will deem the discoveries of the living of more importance than the errors of the dead; ..." This article … 83054.html reminded me of his statement.
    Are humans finally waking up?

  2. richardbrown81 profile image86
    richardbrown81posted 4 years ago

    People are falling asleep amid their own delusions.  Daydreaming of tomorrow and how this makes them are wiser than they were yesterday.  Science can provide how but is incapable of supplying a why.  As long as people can find whys in the wisdom of our ancestors, they can use those scripts to wake from there slumber. 

    Science in itself is independent of reflective meaning.  Theology is its necessary counterpart.  Science becomes religion if it gives the scientist meaning. 

    proof is for mathematicians and lawyers, science provides evidence without absolute certainty.

    A scientist needs to be objective.  (s)he will loose objectivity if their findings are reflective of their held absolute beliefs. 

    Absolutes are necessary as a basic foot hold on reality.

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    Sooner28posted 4 years ago

    No.  There are still a cornucopia of religious fundamentalists, and they could ultimately ignite another world war.