The never ending dream

  1. Jerami profile image73
    Jeramiposted 4 years ago

    What Is A Dream ?    And how do we really know when we are having one?
    It seems to me that We are living in something a dream similar to a Hologram as seen in  SiFi movies?
    And while we are in it,  we are trying to understand how it works using only those scientific “Truths” which can be found within the program.
    Using only those facts which are contained within the program,  can we conclude that the program didn’t need a creator of the program.                                                                                                                Did the program evolved all on its own from the point of its origin. It is only this point of origin which we can not explain.
    All evidence that can not be explained by “Normal” scientific means found within the program will be placed in a category called “paranormal”   which is said to be unexplainable. These remain in this category until they can be scientifically explained. Until they can be scientifically explained, They are called figments of the imagination.
    Those of us that think we are thinking outside of THE  box aren’t really. We are only crawling out of a smaller box and into a slightly larger box which lies within a larger box, etc. etc.

    “Maybe?”  our purpose in this life is to find that box that brings us the most satisfaction, or excitement, or peace and harmony or whatever we are looking for?? 
    And when we have done our best in completing the task which we have assigned ourselves; we simply put down this physical existence and leave this reality, which in reality, was all the while, a figment of our imagination.   And the figmant of our imagination continues on and on ... and on