What were the epods and cherubim from the Book of Cronicles?

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    andrew savageposted 4 years ago

    What were the epods and cherubim from the Book of Cronicles King James Bible?
    I read through the book and every time I came across these two words they seemed to be referencing a type of lost technology- flying craft and recording devices. Am I so mistaken if I read the earlier translations? I feel that the later the translations are the further removed from the source they are- I have found Numerous other references to technology that today only exists in science fantasy and Popular Science magazines. Am I mistaken if I contend that something drastic occurred in Biblical times and that society took a quantum leap backwards throughout periods such as the Middle Ages? The more I study the bible and other recovered scrolls, the more I am convinced of chance that the creation deity from Genesis and the old testament was some kind of Astronaut. I am also surprised by how few people question the statement "let us make" them in the image of our likeness. Who else was there when he created us? Other deities? A demiurge? It has a very Promethean feel to it, esp from a Gnostic approach.
    Perhaps I should rephrase this topic as "is god an astronaut?"