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Dying in dreams

  1. Brandie Leach profile image58
    Brandie Leachposted 4 years ago

    I have had 3 dreams of dying, one was from an angel, one was from just dying in my sleep and the recent on was from a hydro wires but it all ended the same blackness and distance voices and when I woke my whole body had tingles like when your foot falls a sleep and that's a result of low blood circulation it scared me...not sure what it means thou...can anyone help. Its making me paranoid and thinking about how life is too short and time waits for no one.

    1. janesix profile image60
      janesixposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      anything else weird been happening lately?

    2. Disappearinghead profile image78
      Disappearingheadposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Make an appointment to see the doctor if you are presenting physical symptoms. There may be some underlying medical condition which manifests as strange dreams. Dreams generally mean nothing at all.

  2. Brandie Leach profile image58
    Brandie Leachposted 4 years ago

    Disappearinghead- yeah That came to mind and I'm going to cause I was reading about the symptoms of low blood circulation and it not good.

    Janesix-just that I'm scared of death, afraid of leaving my son. I have to explain more about these dreams the first one was about 12 years ago, the people who were in my dreams are dead now my mother and my friend, a year after the dream of the angel who took my life, my friend shawn took his life and then 9 years after that my mother died...I find that very weird cause in that time period they were the only people I knew who died. and for the second dream- happened about 9 years ago but it was just blackness and voices but in my head I was telling my self I was dying and woke up with my body tingling, for the last one my bff, some guy  and I were walking down the street and we seen these hydro wire breaking, I pushed them out of the way and the wire landed on me and I can feel the weight of the wire on me and knowing no one can help, all I could think about was my son and that I will see my mother, grandma, and friends again, then I woke up and my whole body was tingling...in every death dream I have about myself and when I awake its the same.... tingles.