What is the meaning when you dream of your death?

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    AMAN DHAWANposted 7 months ago

    What is the meaning when you dream of your death?

    I saw light is coming. I was on dying bed with IV.  i'm saying bye to my family. But my son was crying that he wont let me go. I was telling him that I have to go but he didn't let me. Then I woke up. but I can't stop thinking about that.

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    Necento antoposted 7 months ago

    Hello aman,
    I personally do not think that dreams are of any significance.
    But I have read that if someone saw a dream in which they are dying, it could mean they are going to make some new changes in their life. It means you will make a new start and leave your past behind.
    Hope this helps.

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    nochanceposted 7 months ago

    The positive spin on death dreams is that you are just going through some big changes or transition in your life.

    Dreams are the brain's way of processing events that are happening in your daily life. Your dreams are unique to you and it's actually very difficult to interpret them in any generalized way.