Imagination and Thoughts

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  1. Jouneyman2 profile image54
    Jouneyman2posted 9 years ago

    Recently I posed a challenge to another poster (an Atheist) who had presented that it was my place (as one who believes in God) to present information to him ( that he would judge as being viable or not ) that proved the existence of God. I responded that as I had accepted that God existed and as it was he who was challenging my acceptence, it was he who faced the burden of proving his opinion .

    None the less, I presented him with  Facts  that challenged his claim that "invisible things do not exist",  and asked that he disprove these Facts.  His response was not to accept the challenge but to avoid the topic, resorting back to the same tired, worn out tactics and rantings of distraction that most who proclaim Atheism resort to when confronted by something their religion does not offer an explanation for. 

    As of yet he has not accepted my challenge, choosing instead to continue in his ranting; so I decided to present it in a more open forum.

    My challenge is this:  If, as Atheists claim, "things invisible do not exist", how does one explain the existence of imagination and thought? Thought can not be evidenced except by its product ( that which it produces) be it a movement of the hand or the very words you are currently reading, which obviously existed as thoughts before I typed them onto this page.Yet we know by these very products ( proofs ) that thought does exist. Furthermore, it is said that a man is what he thinks; the sum total of his thoughts, ideas, opinions, memories, and identity. Therefore; it logically follows that if one refuses to acknowledge that ' thought '  exists, he in essence is refusing to acknowledge his own existence.

    The same is true of imagination. Imagination can not be evidenced in and of itself; only through that which it produces, be it a drawing, model, room layout, color scheme, cartoon, etc. What was the automobile before Henry Ford drew it out on paper? Was it not a figment of his imagination?

    Now, my argument is this, if things that one cannot see (are invisible) do not exist, how does one explain the existence of one's own thoughts and imagination?  If, according to the theory (that something has to be visible for it to exist), thoughts and imagination do not exist; how is it possible that I am typing these words and you are reading and understanding them? Furthermore, how is it possible that the very computer you are viewing them on exists? Did it not first exist as an idea in someone's imagination? But, if imagination doesn't exist (as it in and of itself is not visible), how is it possible that your computer was ever made into reality, as it could not have been imagined in the first place?

    So there it is. If anyone can post a picture of thought or imagination, Not a Product of It; but of the Power Itself, I invite you to do so.

    1. AEvans profile image78
      AEvansposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Oh my goodness I believe in God too, however because someone is an Atheist does not mean that they are not entitled to believe what they wish as well. As a christian part of our problems with not leading others to God , is because we push our religion on them and then there are so many hypocrites they mock us and try to down play christianity. I don't blame them for making us try to prove ourselves. I know who you are talking about and you know , I earned his respect and he earned mine as you see , WWJD and who are we to judge as we have to take care of ourselves, and then pray for the ones that are not lead to God. We have to blame ourselves for not walking righteous because if we did, we would lead more to Christ , would you not agree? You cannot  post a picture of a thought or imagination and that is completely irrelevant to proving God, you cannot compare as brainwaves and tests have proven our thought patterns and imaginations, the only proof we have of God is the Bible and what we have been taught to believe. We know God is real as we have had things happen in our lives to justify him , but others have not.sad

    2. Mark Knowles profile image60
      Mark Knowlesposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      You are the one who was ranting, but still - have you never read Descartes?

      And in answer to your rather inane idea that because one invisible thing exists, this somehow proves that another one does:

      How does the existence of one invisible thing prove the existence of another?

      Let us say for a moment that "Imagination," is an invisible something that does exist. I will accept that, although there is a good argument that this exists only for the person experiencing it.

      Now how does this prove that Santa Claus, god and the Flying Spaghetti Monster all exist?

      And I would say this whole thread is Proof of the Power of Imagination. lol

      And I challenge you to be less offensive in your conversations.

      1. profile image0
        pgrundyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        DesCartes walks into a coffee shop and the waitress asks him, "Would you like cream with that?" Descartes answers, "I think not." And disappears. big_smile

        1. Mark Knowles profile image60
          Mark Knowlesposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          But where did he go? lol


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