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“Infinite Happiness” is all that we want

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    sonumishra1posted 4 years ago

    It is the nature of the mind not to be satisfied. Hence desires of a person are unlimited. My desires may be different from yours and your desires may be different from that person who is not reading this. But if we look closely at the nature of our desires we will unanimously agree that we all long and carve for one thing and that is happiness – infinite happiness. We may give it different name like eternal bliss, joy, ecstasy, blah blah but it all means the same. We may agree we may not agree but somewhere down the line all our desires whether it is for divine or sex, whether it is for bikes or cars, whether it is for money or power, whether it is for love or friendship has to do with bliss. If tomorrow it is proved to you that going to temple will give you pain and suffering will you go there? If tomorrow you see everybody around you getting married is miserable will you marry? You will only long for those things which will give you happiness, joy, bliss.

    To remain in this state of joy we create all kind of comforts around us, we run after money, we look for partners, our hormones ask us to indulge in intimacy, our ego wants us to be praised, our parents ask us to get married and when nothing works we go to the temple and do all kinds of offerings and rituals

    Let us look at these things indivdually.

    They say you can buy everything with money. The very fact that ailments like diabetes, depression, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases are known to be the “disease of the rich” suggests that money can surely not buy joy. If money was the ecstasy pill Gautam the "Buddha" would not have left his kingdom in search of life. They say sex is the ultimate source of happiness, if it is so then no sexually active couple should ever divorce (Unfortunately that is not the case). How can a couple who has the ultimate source of happiness get separated? We have been told that marriage is a great institution and that once married a couple are “soul mates” and only because of this reason a huge number of couples are forcefully staying in a marital relationship without any happiness whatsoever. We have also been told that children will fulfill a couple’s life. But once most of these couples have children and they grow a little big they hardly interact with each other. Hardly share their feelings, experience, difficulties, etc. I know so many of them who do not get well with their parents and vice versa. Power is deceiving. It can make a person think he is immortal. But the truth is if you look into history you will find some of these very powerful people either have lived a horrible life (Hitler for sure) or have renounced their powerful life (Ashoka the great) in search for something more satisfying.

    Do not get me wrong. I am not saying money is not important or intimacy in any form is not a pleasurable act. I am not trying to prove that marriage is not a great institution or children will not bring some kind of fulfillment. I am not advocating the fact that power is not needed or that going to temple is not a beautiful experience (It has rarely been for me though). What I am only trying to say is if we are trying to pursuit these stuffs to give us our ultimate wish/desire that is bliss or infinite happiness then it is quite a hopeless situation. We start doing desperate stuffs just to get momentary pleasure. It has never worked before and will never work in future.

    Bliss is inside us and not outside. Something which is inside us how can we get that from outside? It is like driving a car and expecting the car to fly. Car can run on the road and if you are too skillful you can make small jumps too but expecting it to fly in air is quite stupid isn’t it? Either we are expecting too much from the car or we do not know the use of a car. Same applies to our life as well. Either we are expecting too much from outside world or we are quite ignorant about happiness.

    There are times when we are happy for no reason. Have you noticed that? The smallest of the things give us a kick. There at time when we just want to dance or be in love with self. A kid is a classic example. She (or he) is happy just from within. She laughs, she dances, she plays and she is happy almost all times. That is how it should be. We have to go back to square one. Because once we are happy from within nothing can bother us. Nothing can disturb us. Then we can play with life. Then we can remain blissful with or without power, with or without money, with or without a partner, with or without a drink: P. Life then is a celebration (which it is anyways). Once we are happy on our own we will form relationship to express our happiness and love. But if we form relationship to seek happiness then slowly it will be a disaster.

    Be happy and spread happiness smile

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    Dave36posted 4 years ago

    Although i agree with what you say about our minds desires, i do disagree on what people should be looking for in life....You are on the right lines with a lot of what you say, but i don't think you've quite got it yet buddy....What we're all looking for is "contentment", not happiness or bliss etc...Happiness & bliss can only ever be a temporary state, whilst contentment is permanent....Contentment is vast, & covers every aspect of a persons life....If for example you get to a point in life where you wouldn't change anything at all about your life, you would be content & need nothing more....So contentment is the ultimate goal & test to us, & takes a lot of effort & time to get there....But once there happiness/bliss/joy/passion/love etc, will all be part of your life & all contained in your contentment....If on the flip side you didn't like a particular part of your life, you can still experience happiness/bliss/joy/love etc, but never contentment....I'd even go as far as to say that contentment is a higher state than love is, as love is just one part of a lot of parts that add up to contentment if put together.

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    psycheskinnerposted 4 years ago

    If I could choose to just "turn on" constant inner bliss I would not do so.  I want to feel good most of the time because I have done good.  Not just feel great all the time for no reason.

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      Dave36posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      It's true aye buddy i mean celebs must have had at some point constant inner bliss, but how long does that last before it becomes "normal" to them to feel that way, & then they turn to hard drugs etc!lol