Explanation of fairies

  1. Nicholas Kan profile image60
    Nicholas Kanposted 2 years ago

    Many have been thinking are fairies real. The truth is, nobody knows.
    But then, we cannot conclude that there are no fairies. People in the old days do not believe the existence of microorganisms simply because they could not see them. But that does not mean they do not exist. Many peoples out there claims they have the evidence of the existence of fairies, yet the world is not convinced. I my self believe in fairies.

    Many scientists, biologists will not agree with the theory of the existence of fairies but think again, they may not look like tiny humans with wings. They would possibly looks completely different since they do not evolved the same way as humans did. They could also be some highly intelligent alien species which has lived on Earth since forever and adapted. You may think this sounds impossible but think again, what if our civilisation were given by an alien species, what if we find new planets with life on it? What would we do, most likely we would explore the planet and if they found us, they would think we are some sort of magical, religious beings or even aliens (as we would be ).

    Biologists will disagree the existence of fairies as they think the small body could not store enough energy for the brain if they are that intelligent. But what if they have evolved a different way as other animals do? What if, they were brought here from another planet? Therefore they would have a different biological basis which we have not discovered yet.

    The conclusion is, there is no hard evidence of the existence of fairies yet but I believe they exists. And one day maybe they accidentally or purposely let us humans gain evidence of their existence such as taking a picture of them clearly (as cameras in the future would be very very clear). I have never met a real fairy myself, but I really wish I can meet one and be friend with him/her/it/them.

    keep in mind that fairies may see us as a threat and not want to be found by us, that could be a real reason why we have never met them. But like in the Tinkerbell Movie, some kind lucky human may see them, who knows? smile