What do you believe brings a spirit to you? Are some people more susecptible tha

  1. Mudrearth profile image53
    Mudrearthposted 8 years ago

    What do you believe brings a spirit to you? Are some people more susecptible than others and why?


  2. silverwindintx profile image54
    silverwindintxposted 8 years ago

    I DO believe some people are more susecptible to seeing and interacting with ghosts than others, especially young children. Their minds have not been taught by society to ignore what they are seeing. My daughter, who is two, I KNOW can see ghosts and talks to the one that lives in our house (he's cool). She'll sit in her room sometimes for an hour jabbering away and when you ask her who she's talking to, she'll tell you "him" and point to where she is seeing him. I myself have been able to see ghosts all my life, and I feel that is due to the fact that my mother also believed in and saw ghosts. I believe a ghost is more likely to approach someone with an open mind that has been raised not to disbelieve what they are seeing.

  3. wisecrone333 profile image60
    wisecrone333posted 8 years ago

    I think all of us have the potential to interact with spirits and ghosts - animals too.  Quite often I used to watch my dogs stare at a doorway or corner of the room for no apparent reason and then I would smell or hear something that would let me know that someone was around.

    I developed a technique that allowed me to use my mind to seek out these types of things, rather than shut them out. I do see our physical body as simply a carrier for our current existence and over time I learned I could "see" beyond the physical limitations we put on ourselves. 

    I don't think it is a question of spirits coming to a person because of something the living person does - I think they come anyway and it is just that some of us are open to that experience and some of us just aren't.  I also believe that we all can be as I explain in my "Can Ghosts Hurt You" book (http://www.canghostshurtyou.com) in the section on learning to check out your own house for ghostly boarders.