what do you think is the age of accountabilty?

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  1. juliehess profile image60
    juliehessposted 9 years ago

    what do you think is the age of accountabilty?

  2. Antonius Blockk profile image60
    Antonius Blockkposted 9 years ago

    There is no specific age of accountability, for it is far too complex a function for it to be.  I'm sure we could draw up a "common" age of accountability, but to obtain an answer to this question would require an analysis of a person in particular. 

    It depends entirely upon the knowledge and intelligence of a person and this is a factor that is different for each and everyone human on this planet.  If an individual understands the difference between right and wrong seems to be a good starting point.

    But then, there is the fact that the young, even though they know the difference between right and wrong, are often quick to judge and quick to seek action.  They are emotional and not always logical.

    Thus it is hard to define an acutal age.  But to be frank, I think once an individual learns of right and wrong and understands the respect that they should give to their fellow man, should they be considered accountable.  If someone doesn't respect life or liberty or the pursuit of happiness, then we can't trust them to be a functional member of society.  So this draws up a new question I believe:  How do we deem someone as a disfunctional member of society - or put more simply - how do we define someone as "dangerous" to society?  And what should we do with them?

    I suppose I haven't answered your question, but drawn out it's complications.  Like I said, I personally believe that we should judge people on their understanding, their intelligence, their comprehension.   And to judge that adequately an individual must be studied. 

    Perhaps an age should be set, like 18 and if an individual isn't responsible enough to be accountable then they will be punished.  Although, by the time we would know they weren't responsible, it would be too late and now we are perhaps getting into a situation similiar to one in that movie with Tom Cruise, about the future.  I can't remember it.  Minority Report. That's it.
    Well, I hope my answer helps at least a little.

  3. yes2truth profile image60
    yes2truthposted 9 years ago

    Accountability to whom - The Godhead - our fellow man - society or whatever society you consider yourself to be a part of?

    The question is far too general for an answer here and self-righteous PC liberal regulations, here on HubPages, make writing "freedom of speech" articles an impossibility.

  4. Born Again 05 profile image80
    Born Again 05posted 9 years ago

    Juliehess, I do understand what you are asking. I think the age of accountability is variable with no set age. I would say from about 5 to 8 years of age. I've known of four year olds to make professions of faith.

  5. Sanctus Vesania profile image61
    Sanctus Vesaniaposted 9 years ago

    There's an age of accountability?  We live in a world where a fifteen year old teenager can get the death penalty, a world where eighteen year olds can join the army, but can't drink until they're twenty-one.  We live in a world where an 18 year boy making out with his 17 year old girl friend is viewed the same as a 47 year old man who stalks after fourteen year old teenagers.

    The age of accountability is so screwed up that it's not even a straight line; it's a scribble.

  6. Ladybythelake55 profile image61
    Ladybythelake55posted 9 years ago

    The Age of Accountability according to many of the Orthodox Christian Churches is 13 as it is in Judaism, when a young man or woman is received into the synagogue and have their bar-mitzvah or bas-mitzvah.

    The following Christian Churches have confirmation for those 13-year olds in their churches, Anglican, Russian, Greek, Roman, Polish National Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Assyrian Catholic Church of the East and  Roman Catholic Church. All 13 years old are giving strict study before they are Confirmed as adult members into the church.

    Other churches don't have confirmation and leave it up as if the child knows what is right and wrong.


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