Is being "slain in the spirit" consistent with a biblical worldview?

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    carolegalassiposted 8 years ago

    Is being "slain in the spirit" consistent with a biblical worldview?

    Today many people are often "slain in the spirit" by a stylish, believable and provability demostration.

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    Prophetic Insightposted 7 years ago

    I am a minister too.
    The Bible doesn't say much about this phenomenon not because it is "not biblical", but because we are not to focus our attention on it. We are to focus our attention on the LORD.
    I come from a home that didn't go to church at all. My wife - Muslim. But in our own living room the Holy Spirit showed up! Everyone was slain in the Spirit. There was no music - no hype and NO psychological manipulation.
    Needless to say - my family is now a church going family. My wife (after getting slain in the Spirit) turned from Islam and gave her life to Jesus!
    Today our home is filled with the presence of God like never before. Surely when the Holy Spirit come, good fruit is the result. Glory to God!
    In response to the former comment: 1. When the Holy Spirit shows up there is always a show. Creation was a show. Moses on Mt. Sinai was a show. Jesus walking on water was a show. etc...etc... etc... Just because you see "a show" doesn't mean its bad, and it doesn't mean its not God.
    Finally, the "false prophet" label is way too overused in Christian circles. Do "false prophets" flow in the true power of the Spirit of God? Do "false prophets" produce good, and Godly fruit? The answer:NO. See my hub on "Is it Really God"

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    SirDentposted 7 years ago

    There are a few times mentioned in the Bible about people being "slain" in the Spirit.  Although slain may not be the right word to use, it is as close to being right as any other word I can think of. 

    When Samuel and David were conversing with one another in the Old testament, King Saul came upon them and was slain and lie on the gound for about a day. 

    In the bood of Revelation, John fell as a dead man. 

    At these times is when god truly shows you that you can do nothing at all without Him.  Even the most miniscule tasks are impossible without Him.