What was the first BIBLE written?

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    mintinfoposted 8 years ago

    What was the first BIBLE written?

    My research suggests that it was written approximately 5000 to 4100 B.C. [B.C.E. or Before Christ]. It was written in Ta-Merry [Qamt, Kimit, Sais, etc.]—the African nation the Israelites renamed MIZRAIN, and the English translated into EGYPT.

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    The Torah was the first Bible and the first recorded history of man.  Mitzraim is Hebrew for Egypt.  It was written in Hebrew, then translated into Latin called the Septuagint because 70 Rabbis were sent into 70 different rooms to translate the Torah and they all had the same translation.   

    Adam and Eve, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all knew the Torah, but it wasn't written yet.  It was passed down orally.  It was when Moses stood on Mount Sinai that G-d wrote the Torah for us with black fire on white fire.  The oral Torah was also given to Moses to pass along and teach.

    Every other monotheist religion has been our daughter religion.  By the way, are you aware Jesus didn't start Christianity, but in fact was a Jewish Rabbi.  Everything he preached was from the Torah and the Talmud. 

    Muhammad was taught by Rabbis, had a bad experience with a few Jewish people and so wrote the Koran.

    As far as Africa goes, it is said that the Ethiopian Jews are one of the lost tribes of Israel.
    I hope this not only helps, but also gives you something to think about, and finally to go and learn!
    Spiritually Yours,
    Laura Weakley

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    I forgot that I had asked this question over a week ago but thanks for your answer Spiritual1rav . It is very informative. I am also aware that  Jesus did not create Christianity. It was started years after his passing by his admirers and the Roman Saul/Paul who claimed to have a divine intervention. Accounts of Jesuses life and teachings were put together to form the basis of the New Testament for Christians (followers of Jesus the Christ).