Which religion fulfills the need of the current age? Discuss on it.

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    Aqeel Saeedposted 8 years ago

    Religion means a pattern of spending life. it covers all the aspects of life. it teaches the human the important things to do such as, speak the truth, gentle to neighbours,forgive the mistakes of others,ets. and not doing the things such as, robery, indulge in alcohl, fraud to others, etc. it is a routine practice that a religion is recognised of its followers but the truth is that follower is a person who is trying to make implement the rules of it in his life. sometimes he does and sometimes he fails. So dnt critisize a religion due to its followers because the einstein's theory made 2 things 1st atomic bomb and 2nd atomic energy for use in generating power and other useful. now einstein is not wrong, wrong are those who made bomb.

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    SparklingJewelposted 8 years ago

    All religions fulfill the needs of the current age. IT is because any particular individual has unique needs for hearing the Word of God. It is not that any particular religion is the only Truth.

    Every person has lead a different life, has had different experiences, has had a different family and cultural upbringing...that is why they are drawn to a particular religion...because their heart could hear that particular interpretation of the Word of God.

    All religions have the same core beliefs...understandings are what is particular to a specific religion. That's  the mystical component...God speaks to each in his/her own way (according to his/her own needs).

    I think Islam and Christianity are the fastest growing belief systems because they tend to tell it like it is, about the human ego aspects that are not loving being discerned as separate from God and needing to be overcome, I mean.

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      Make Moneyposted 8 years ago in reply to this

      I'd have to agree, although I've noticed that Islam is mostly a re-write of Christianity with some changes.  For instance, the virgin birth by Mary of Jesus is similar but not the same.  Jesus will return to do away with the dajjal (anti-christ) is similar but not the same.  The story of Yahya and Zechariah in the Quaran is very similar to John the Baptist, the son of Zachary in Luke's Gospel but not the same.  There are more similarities too that were re-written 600 years later in the Quaran. 

      Mo posted this above in another thread.  Christianity hadn't made it's way to Saudi Arabia by the time of Muhammad.  Noting the similarities between Christianity and Islam and the fact that Muhammad's followers were instrumental in writing the Quran, instead of Muhammad himself, do you think it is possible that Muhammad was originally trying to tell the Christian story in Saudi Arabia but his followers got it messed up?  You know what I mean, it wasn't until after Muhammad's death that the Muslim armies started to conquer and convert other lands by the sword.  If Islam was originally suppose to be a religion of peace like Christianity then Muhammad's followers after his death messed that up too.