What scriptural works of early Christianity were not included in the Bible? Why

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    grayknightposted 8 years ago

    What scriptural works of early Christianity were not included in the Bible?  Why not?

    What qualified those scholars - who were admittedly not prophets of God - to decide what was and what was not scripture?  Why does it take a prophet to write scripture but not to dictate what is or what is not scripture?

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    brotheryochananposted 7 years ago

    rules for canonization:
    1) the old testament principles and doctrines and personality of god cannot be corrupted. There must be a flow of continuity within the books that the word of god is not contravened.
    2)authorship. The old testament was proven already, so the new testament authorship was discipleship/apostleship. As you will notice all the writers knew the Lord jesus.
    3)age   The numbers have to cruch to put it shortly as to when it was written matched to time of death. Ex. you cant have a document written in 102ad by judas lol. There is also a period of time called the uninspired years (the 400yrs of silence between malachi and jesus)
    4)regional accuracy    A lot of this is explained in the opening introductions to every book of the new testament.

    Most prophetic books contain prophecy from prophets. Jeremiah obviously dictates to his student what to write as God speaks to jeremiah. As the prophet is a tool of god, God is the maker of scripture, god is the wise one, not man.