Anyone send me your ideas on medaphysics..

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    mandysixvposted 7 years ago

    Anyone send me your ideas on medaphysics..

    Please tell me about your experiences, mystical or other. I have had many through meditations.  Have you?

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    Charissposted 6 years ago

    Metaphysics is from two Greek words -- "meta" for beyond and "physical" which pertains to anything that is material or physical. For example, anything that cannot be explained by the physical. Many people think that this only relates to the mystical but love cannot be explained. Prayer, meditation, healing, dreams, astral travel -- these are just a few everyday things that cannot be explained or examined in a lab because they involve the mental or psychic part of our being.
    Meditation is a wonderful place to experience anything beyond the physical. Anything you can imagine during meditation can be sensed and experienced by your body, mind and soul. Here is a meditation to try:
    Sitting in meditation stance that is comfortable to you, imagine that a red cord travels from your root chakra (that part of you that touches the earth when you are sitting on your bum) straight into the hot red core of the earth. Next, imagine that white light of the Universe comes into the top of your head, runs straight down your spine and out that same spot from the root chakra and down the thick red cord into the center of earth. (Now that you are grounded and surrounded by white light, you can safely travel to any place you can imagine.) Next imagine that you are shooting straight up, up and up past the sun, the atmosphere, so far that you have lost sight of the earth beneath you. You find that you are on a white beach with the water lapping at the shore and as you look out over the horizon you see four moons still visible in the sky of this strangely wonderful planet. Feel free to explore here as long as you want... When you are ready to return to your meditation room, simply allow yourself to be drawn back into that room and take a few deep breaths to center yourself in your body.
    Blessings, Chariss