What step do you think will be next in the human evolution?

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    McConnell Groupposted 7 years ago

    What step do you think will be next in the human evolution?

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    foreignpressposted 7 years ago

    I think there will be a cataclysmic event like a nuclear war or a natural disaster that will alter life as we know it. This will set civilization back several hundred years.
       I have nothing to support my theory. It's just that we, as humans, do not learn from our past mistakes. So what has happened before always seems to happen again.

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    GloryAtWillposted 7 years ago

    We ate from the fruit of the tree of knowledge long ago, yet its not about 2 people and god talking to them, its just a story, and the story was told by a MASTER (likely the source itself) rather, and that means that its this choice we are still living today! Its not a story about 2 people long ago, its about who we are still today. The tree of knowledge is our logical thinking, our trust in the material world basically and thinking that things will make us happy, materialism and technological advancement/dependancy. Not a good thing for like 6000 years of our history, I mean of course thats why nothing really works (police, schools, banks, it goes on and on) and life seems like such a struggle, necessary to get us to the point we are today where we produced a wonderful invention of free flow information which is the internet, and through the internet I believe many of "the secrets" of the world that only those in power use to hold can now be accessed by anyone who has let down their ego enough to see that there is a better way, and that way is the WISE WAY. WISDOM is the the truth and even Jesus would say "The truth shall set you free." so.. its easy to see what the power of the internet gives birth to, the NEW AGE, since now the seed of wisdom can grow for all and that is what will allow humans to evolve into the next dimension, the fifth dimension I believe, because so far we just been battling in the 4th which is a time space reality, our memories and all that, nothing else has that its just natural and in the moment, it doesn't know time, but we do, which makes us a level up in the 4th dimension, our goal for humanity is to raise our vibrations up into the 5th dimension so that we can bring heaven onto earth and BE FREEEEEEEE! Wisdom is the key to your souls deepest desires! If the economy has to collapse in order for people to see it, or mother earth has to lash out at us, well at that point more people might start to ask "WHY ARE WE REALLY HERE?"

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