Figured out why ghosts and spirits hold truths about the afterlife at 32?

  1. Writeme ASmile profile image60
    Writeme ASmileposted 9 years ago

    Figured out why ghosts and spirits hold truths about the afterlife at 32?

    Really curious about this answer. I, too, have had the pleasure of seeing spirits/ghosts a couple of time. Both times were very peaceful. One was sadly seeking why he left her. The other was an old  man wanting to relive happy times with old friends. "Demanded a shot of whiskey." I went back to bed and left him at the bar.

  2. cascoly profile image59
    cascolyposted 9 years ago

    other than the DISTILLED spirits you hosted, just what about this visit gives any evidence of it being real?


  3. Writeme ASmile profile image60
    Writeme ASmileposted 8 years ago

    Dear Cascoly,
    I am a strong believer in the afterlife and that there is God who loves me more than any human can imagine. I believe God sends spirits to heal our souls and help us find our way.
    I believe that if a person listens, really listens and wants to see and/ or hear from people from the afterlife, they will.

    Some of those precious spirit souls come to us for inspiration, love, and kindness. If you believe in love and kindness toward others, without judgment of their situations, sadness in their past lives, you will give such spiritual hope and help, they will return the favor.

    The home, I live in now, was bought from a neighbor and friend who had a father in his nineties. Before I knew "POPs", the 90 yr old man, he would wave from his chair in the yard, as I went to work every day.

    Anyway, he passed on after we bought the house and he has been back as a feisty happy little old man. This was his home for many years before he died. He giggles to wake me and runs down the hall to his old bedroom.

    You can believe what you want but my Maltese has awakened me to show me POPs, on a number of occasions.

    One day, when I was very sad and felt totally unable to help a situation I was in, I cried myself to sleep, on the sofa. I was awakened with POPs brushing my hair back. I stretched and yawned and felt so much burden lifted for the first time in many months. At the time, I stretched and yawn and felt this peace, I did not remember the brushing of my hair until I turned at a noise at the kitchen door and there POPs stood, his small frame, no longer bent and in bad health. He's eyes were laughing and his hand was covering his mouth to keep from giggling. He said, before he vanished through my kitchen door. "Do not fret; wonderful things are coming to you."

    What kind of power and love lives in our lives that help us survive sorrow and loss? These special spirits God sends to us to help us get through each day. 

    So, you ask what other than the DISTILLED spirits gives any evidence of it being real. You decide. You get still and listen with hope and love in your heart, with no malice to others and see if these good spirits come to you.

    You will be happily surprised at what you find within yourself.


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