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Some Folks In America, 1st World, Are Practicing Witchcraft. Might This Confirm

  1. ngureco profile image85
    ngurecoposted 7 years ago

    Some Folks In America, 1st World, Are Practicing Witchcraft. Might This Confirm Witchcraft Is Real?

  2. MickS profile image70
    MickSposted 7 years ago

    Well, witchcraft exists, so it must be real; however, because many people practice it, doesn't prove that it is effective, it just proves that there are a lot of deluded people out there.
    Of course, all belief systems have their positive, as well as negative points.  Say someone sets up the paraphernalia for a ritual and spell for some sort of self improvement, this whole process can concentrate the mind in such a way that causes behavior by the practitioner to achieve the end result; positive thinking, in fact.  Some poorly educated people may misinterpret this result to be magic.

  3. AKdude profile image60
    AKdudeposted 7 years ago

    Of course its real - as real as any of the other religious systems out there.

    It's just not my chosen way of worshiping divinity.

    Before you go knocking witchcraft, or any other pagan beliefs, as primitive, deluded, whatever - scrap your Hollywood image and go see what they're really all about. Most forms are simple nature religions not demonic, blood-lusting cults as the movies and evangelical preachers would have you believe.

  4. Bel Marshall profile image58
    Bel Marshallposted 7 years ago

    I am what I refer to as multi-spiritual.  I don't practice any one succinct belief system or adhere to all practices of any either.
    I have a deep faith in a higher power in which I choose to call God. 
    But if you come into my home, you will find what I call intention candles, while others may call them spells.  I use white sage among other things to cleanse my home, surroundings of negative energy, this was originally a Native American practice and oh yes, I make my living as an intuitive (mainstream world calls that psychic).  Yet, I still have a deep faith in this higher power called God.
    Witchcraft is not what one sees in movies or reads in horror novels.  The Wiccan practice is an earth based practice that believes in what one puts out there will come back to them.  So casting evil spells is likely out of the question for most who practice "witchcraft".

  5. rafken profile image79
    rafkenposted 7 years ago

    Whilst they are still "practicing" I guess it isn"t, but if they perfect it, then I guess it will be.

  6. home witch profile image83
    home witchposted 7 years ago

    Witchcraft is just another way of pulling out of power-hungry institutionalised religious beliefs and finding a way of being in oneness with nature. If something helps your spiritual and emotional growth, then does it matter really what others think? The realness of witchcraft depends on whether you believe in it or not. You can just go through the motions and have it do nothing for you, but if you believe then the simplest of actions can have a great impact on your life.

  7. vesper noir profile image57
    vesper noirposted 7 years ago

    Witchcraft and Wicca are not the same thing. Witchcraft, in itself is not a religion, whereas Wicca possesses a generally accepted religious connotation. Witchcraft is a tool, the way that magic and science are used as tools by the peoples who have utilized them across the boundaries of time. It is a tool designed to maximize one's potential and to help make sense of one's world. In this way it is not unlike a form of spirituality. As another commentator stated, it has been used to free people from the restrictions of religion. Yet there are also people here in the US who adhere to a variety of religious faiths, yet also embrace witchcraft as a part of their everyday lives. Some terms that confirm this would be Jewish witch or Jewitch, Christian Witch, Muslim Witch, etc.

    Witchcraft also finds its parallels under myriad terms in different parts of the world. Brujeria is popular in Mexico. Palo Mayombe and Candomble along eastern South America. Voudou in the Caribbean and parts of the US.  Africa has become infamous in the last decade for their harsh treatment of practitioners of Witchcraft.  Several surveys have circulated the pagan community in recent years in support of the recognition of witchcraft as a legitimate practice in South Africa. It is also called Hexenschaft in Germany, and Stregha in Italy. Witchcraft is also not entirely unheard of in the Muslim world.

    There are varying features of Witchcraft in different parts of the world. Sometimes it takes on a more natural, earthy approach. And other times it is painted with a darker brushstroke. Satanic Witchcraft and Magic remain popular among metal bands throughout the Scandinavian world.

    Clearly, however, hollywood has historically painted Witchcraft in a negative light, and we can see why. The purpose is to propagandize it as a most extreme and bizarre practice, and to frighten the populace into counting it among a list of taboo subjects. Its not working. Paganism and witchcraft are becoming more popular with time, but Evangelists maintain the spin and it is especially evident during election time.