Does this help answer your question about angel readings?

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    dianeaugustposted 7 years ago

    Does this help answer your question about angel readings?

    Hope this helps understand the process.  I'll probably add some links tomorrow with books, etc.  Thanks for asking about the angels!

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    Marina Lesterposted 7 years ago

    Yes thank you so much for such an in depth answer! Very interesting! I am so curious of such things, but I understand those who would disregard, and close their minds to such ideas, I use to be one. After all, stand for nothing, fall for anything. But then one day I did dream interpreting, just for fun and giggles and was amazed... And met my boss, the man who presented me the opportunity of my own charity. He was so nice and I was surprised of all the very unorthodox things he enjoyed studying. He lightly brought it up one day kind of shyly stating he didn't want me to think he was nuts or anything. I smiled and listened and told him of my own wonderings and a few strange experiences I had had. He was quite pleased of my open mind and gave me a paper he wrote. I bought a deck of cards from a woman who claimed to give angel readings. I bought them because they had pictures of mermaids all over them (I love mermaids, much like you love angels and have them all over your home), and for a little fun experiment. These cards were suppose to connect me to the wisdom of angel/sirens, sea spirits (mermaids) and dolphins. Perhaps not through the cards but I think I've always believed there's a higher energy, whether angels or God or whatever. Who knows, every culture has put a face to this energy, so at the time, we could connect. Angels maybe symbols we created long ago so we could understand, like you said, things are put in ways we can interpret. Everything has energy. So if people ask me whether I believe in evolution or God, I honestly say, both, or neither. Because I believe in both but not quite the same, and I don't think if one is right the other has to be wrong. I think they both carry their truths. Thank you so much for sharing Diane August! Bless you! big_smile