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What is your definition of God's Grace?

  1. revmjm profile image87
    revmjmposted 7 years ago

    What is your definition of God's Grace?

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    AMBASSADOR BUTLERposted 7 years ago

    Living your life to the fullest expression as a human being that shows forth the glory of GOD in such an negative environment on the earth.Such as the heavens declare the glory of GOD for all human beings to see and comprehend it in their mind,soul,spirit.

  3. Blessitbe profile image61
    Blessitbeposted 7 years ago

    God Graces is the love that he has for mankind, he would love to see all of mankind saved, it’s up to us though, because he gave us Free-will to choice our own path.

  4. ladyjojo profile image60
    ladyjojoposted 7 years ago

    Hmmm let me see where can i start just the very taught of waking up this morning and breathing fresh air that's GOD'S GRACE TO ME
    #2. I am healthy - THAT'S GOD'S GRACE TO ME

    #3. I have a home- That's GOD'S GRACE TO ME

    #4. The Lord saved my soul- That's God's GRACE TO ME

    #5. I am not a prostitute - THAT'S GOD'S GRACE TO ME

    #6. I have food to eat - That's God's GRACE TO ME

    etc etc. I can go on and on...

  5. mattmilamii profile image60
    mattmilamiiposted 7 years ago

    To answer your question concerning God’s grace, I must first define another of His wonderful gifts… “MERCY.” 

    If we consider our fallen condition of sin and the absolute wage attached to it, it’s easy to see mercy clearly.  God is withholding the death that each of us deserves.  Not receiving what we all should be getting… a punishment… is truly an act of mercy.  Often it’s confused with our being given what we clearly don’t deserve… that’s “GRACE.” 

    We, as a race of people, “MANKIND”, rejected God, rebelled against Him, ran from His presence, and chose to live an existence in darkness.  WE DID IT.  Nothing in our acts suggested repentance, and there was no reason, let alone a compelling one for God to extend His love for us.  Yet, here we are; beneficiaries of the greatest act of compassionate kindness and love ever conceived.  “GRACE” is receiving what we have absolutely no right to ask for.  Grace, along with its mirrored twin, mercy come as a package deal… those in the know call it the “Favor of God.”  When you think about it, you should get chills and Goosebumps; it’s not a small favor, not by a long shot… and only God could give it. 


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