Why would I dream my guy friend crush died in a terrible car accident. I was at

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    karie13posted 7 years ago

    Why would I dream my guy friend crush died in a terrible car accident. I was at the funeral.

    I had a dream that my guy friend with benefits  died in a terrible car accident. Why would I dream something terrible about someone I care about?
    The same night, my best friend had a dream that I was crying hysterically. All I could say was "he is gone"
    This all happened in the same night.
    I remember in the dream being at the funeral. It was a terrible experience.

  2. SpacemanSpiff profile image56
    SpacemanSpiffposted 7 years ago

    Based on my personal experience. There's three answers.

    One, you constantly dream about him (and maybe his death and how you'll feel) and will run through every possibility of him being in all sorts of situations. But you subliminally want him dead.

    Two, said event will occur in the future and you'll feel like ,"Hey, I've been here before!" which is more commonly known as Deja Vu. And i get a sh*tload of this all the time.

    Three, your brain is trying to prepare you for tragedy and danger to better equip you and your body on how to react and respond to such event.

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    NealRyderposted 7 years ago

    If any of this feels right, go with it, otherwise, ignore it.

    Cars are how we move through life, but there are also multiple alternatives.  Car accidents are generally warnings or cautions about becoming accident prone, not literally accidents.

    That your guy friend died in the dream suggests that he needs more sympathy, love or care - hence the sense of loss without that.

    Some kind of change is coming about within the relationship and you might also be emotionally hurt and say "he is gone" if the relationship ended abruptly.

    Be open and talk to your guy friend, he may want more in the relationship or you might.