Are you a skeptic? Or do you just like to think of yourself as one?

  1. japtaker profile image90
    japtakerposted 7 years ago

    Are you a skeptic? Or do you just like to think of yourself as one?

    Skepticism, in its original formulation in classical western philosophy, involved a refusal to adhere to any dogmatic assertions whatsoever. This epistemological agnosticism was so thorough as to include an inability to assert that one should not believe any dogmatic assertions. So skepticism was more of a mental attitude than a system of beliefs, for were it to be thus systematized, it would necessarily negate itself. To skeptics, a statement such as "There is no God" would have sounded horribly unskeptical. True skepticism is a Socratic-style sense of one's own ignorance. Are you a skeptic?

  2. M. T. Dremer profile image96
    M. T. Dremerposted 7 years ago

    I'm a skeptic in the sense that I don't believe in certain things that a lot of other people believe in (religion for example). But I wouldn't necessarily label myself as a skeptic. The conclusions I've come to aren't based on any doubt or desire to rebel, but rather a sad understanding of our past and how we use stories to fill in gaps we could never understand. I'm someone who wishes that religions were real, but accepts that I cannot pretend that they are.

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    David99999posted 7 years ago

    I am a skeptic regarding the claims of organized Christendom.