Do you think Solomon is the wisest man who ever lived?

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  1. bdn9385 profile image59
    bdn9385posted 13 years ago

    Do you think Solomon is the wisest man who ever lived?

    Is he really more knowing than the people today who live and experience the avalanche of science and technology?

  2. steve8miller profile image66
    steve8millerposted 13 years ago

    While Solomon is a very wise man for several different reasons, as for if he is the wisest I don't think so. Solomon lived for hundreds of years, witnessed countless acts of violence, love, and compassion. King Solomon created an entire religion and through is people and airs spread that religion that is still known today. So why is Solomon not the wisest man who ever lived?

    Because Enoch is the wisest man whom ever lived. Enoch was taken into the heavens with the angels / higher beings. Enoch from there got to converse with the highest in this universe. Some say Enoch is the single man who came back from the stars just long enough to teach us what we currently learn in school. Everything we learn in school. From math, to astronomy Enoch gave us the information. Some even say Enoch gave the instruction for the building of the Pyramids using small boxes which reverse the polarity of Earths gravity. Meaning that they could basically create a vacuum around an object and make it float to its final destination.

    The bottom line is Enoch is the wisest man who ever lived. I am personally very inspired by Enoch, and look forward to finding more hidden information on him like the Dead Sea Scrolls. Great question by the way!

  3. peterxdunn profile image60
    peterxdunnposted 13 years ago

    Solomon was defeated in battle by the Edomite king Hadad - so he couldn't have been that clever. (In English language versions of the bible Hadad is referred to as 'the adversary' in the original Hebrew this phrase would have read 'sa 'tarn': satan. Yes folks Satan was a MAN!)

    He didn't, either, possess the smarts to build his own temple and palace - he had to ask for assistance from the Canaanite king of Tyre: Hiram.

    So Solomon was - most definitely - not the wisest of the wise.

  4. Ancillotti profile image59
    Ancillottiposted 13 years ago

    I believe that Solomon was but a very wise man, but between all men who have passed on earth, surely the wisest was Jesus Christ.

  5. cutievert profile image61
    cutievertposted 13 years ago

    Nowdays we can hardly find a man who would choose wisdom -rather than wealth in the first place..
    King Salomon was one of the man who seeks for wisdom and God blessed him with both wisdom and wealth..
    At least he was wise enough to 'apply' his given wisdom in his own kingdom that made him very famous among the Kings..

  6. Thesource profile image69
    Thesourceposted 13 years ago

    My wife does not approve King Solomon as as wise man or a good example for me.

    I think it is because he had 700 wives.

  7. sir_tallest profile image57
    sir_tallestposted 13 years ago

    no matter how you read it....his victories and defects....his goods and bad....acheivements and failures....Solomon remained the wisest man ever because though he a couple of mistakes.....he leant from it and not other did he try to correct those he could in his life......he wrote books to help many after his death not to make his mistakes.......

  8. ianjonas profile image68
    ianjonasposted 13 years ago

    Solomon is "ONE" of the many wisest man in the history of mankind. His unique ability to perceive beyond complicated situations to discern and to find a wise course of judgment for critical matters presented before him inspired many rulers and world leaders that came after him.

    Solomon's story is older than modern science and technology which became an ageless wisdom being taught everywhere in the world from generation to generation.


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