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If you are a religious person, what has tested your faith?

  1. mommyneal6 profile image76
    mommyneal6posted 6 years ago

    If you are a religious person, what has tested your faith?

  2. Amez profile image72
    Amezposted 6 years ago

    I'm turning 65, I found out 2 years ago I was a border line Diabetic person, and had arthritis in my lower back and hands, Then I started getting tired more than usual, I was losing allot of late 240 to 169, my finger tips became very senitive to bumping them or hitting them as normal  to things that never bothered before, I decieded to go in for a check, but hadn't recieved my medicade yet , not till I'm past 65 on july 4 th 20011, and it will take 115 dalloras off my ss check, which doesn't cover what I need alredy for just the basic Rent , Lights , Phone and insurance and carpayment.
    I was alreay see life through the eyes of one thought it was all over but the dying.But! I started talking to Our Lord and trying convience him I ready to commit my self 100%, but I got no sense I was opening  the door, Then I thought as a Dad and  what I would expect from my own children, I began doing what I knew would please him, and I cleaned up my act, applied my self 100% to the health issues, excecised, eat smaller and healther foods. I prayed and talk with THe Lord more , and I wish u could see what has taken place I feel years younger my hands are filling back in, I sleep at night.
       Well I could tell you allot of things I felt, Whats most important is I learned that I had to become more concerned how my father in heaven might feel about my action here on earth and how I was focusing  on my own needs and stop working others to manage my life for me, while I was kind of milking thier feeling for all my whims and even worse was  trying to make them to feel obligated, Well Changing my ways, becoming responsible for my own needs was all it took to put me back in the game of life. I guess I was tested and my faith was rekindled so that I might travel down the road of happinesss with those I love a bit longer.

  3. duffsmom profile image59
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    The death of friends who were young and had so much to live for and their children needed them.  Cancer took both of them, one at age 44, one at age 45.  That is hard to deal with.

    I will trust that God has the answer and I will know it too someday.

  4. Jaweed Barkatali profile image58
    Jaweed Barkataliposted 4 years ago

    I knew my desicione will cost me my family and friends. That was my test of faith. Because in Islam we have very high honor of Mom and Dad. I had to leave them Christ. They have ask me to come back to Islam. I told them I love them but I cant leave Christ because I know he revealed himself to me personally.